The use of bath bombs has become quite popular within the last few years. Bath bombs are a great way to take a bubble bath while also reaping many benefits that come along with the ingredients in bath bombs.

However, the issue with most conventional bath bombs is the fact that they are filled with toxic and harmful ingredients we should not be putting in our bodies. The most commonly used bath bombs include many harmful ingredients like artificial colors, artificial dyes, synthetic ingredients, unnecessary fillers, and so much more.

These unnatural bath bombs are of particular concern because you are using them in a warm too hot bath and soaking in these chemicals and toxic ingredients for longer periods of time. Your skin is your largest organ and it is able to absorb many chemicals through the pores, which can leach directly into your bloodstream.

Since baths are typically warm to hot water and you were soaking for longer periods of time, your pores will open even more allowing more of the chemicals in these conventional bath bombs to soak into your skin and get into your bloodstream.

This is why it is so important to consider using natural and organic bath bombs that use safe and healthy ingredients that you will not have to worry about soaking in.

Luckily, there are plenty of natural and organic bath bombs on the market you can choose from with a variety of benefits and natural scents that are so much better than the conventional bath bomb options.

Below, we have compiled a list of the absolute best 10 natural and organic bath bombs that we know you’re absolutely going to love. Their natural, organic, and wholesome ingredients are going to make your skin feel as soft and hydrated as possible, will relax you better with their pure and natural essential oils, and you won’t have to be worried about anything toxic leaching into your body. It’s a total win-win situation.

You can even learn to make your own bath bombs if you want to have complete control over that is going into them!

The 10 Best Natural and Organic Bath Bombs:

Let’s check out these awesome bath bombs you can buy if you aren’t quite ready to begin making your own yet!

1. Beauty by Earth Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set

Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs Gift Set

These natural and organic bath bombs are designed with natural and wholesome ingredients that are aimed to provide relaxation, rejuvenation, and healthier skin all around. The bathrooms are handcrafted in the United States and use organic and pure essential oils and organic butter to heal and moisturize your skin deeply. Moisturizing oils and butter can penetrate your skin deeper than just a regular body lotion because the setting and warm water allow your pores to open on your skin to absorb more of the healing benefits from my oils and the butter is.

Different essential oils are used in different bath bombs to provide different types of benefits. For example, the detox bath bomb uses his special combination of essential oils that can help release harmful toxins from the body combined with a blend of butter to help rejuvenate and moisturize your skin.

As with all of their products, these bath bombs are completely natural, there are no fillers and absolutely no toxic ingredients. There is nothing in these bath bombs you need to worry about regarding safety. In fact, they’re so safe that even younger kids can use them for their bath time as well.

2. Dr. Hempster Organic Vegan Hemp Bath Bombs Pack

Dr. Hempster Essential Oils Bath Bombs

With never any artificial colors, fragrances, or other ingredients, these essential oil bath bombs are another great option for a safe and wholesome bath bomb. Just as the bath bombs above, these are made in the USA as well. The advantage of bath bombs that are made in the United States is a fact you know where the ingredients are coming from and that they’re going to be of higher quality.

Ingredients sourced from other countries are much harder to track and what is considered natural and organic in other countries may not be of the same standards as of the United States.

They also come in eagle friendly packaging, or vegan, and cruelty-free. The fragrance comes from aromatic and soothing lavender oils, eucalyptus oils, and many more. They also include rich hydrating coconut oil that deeply nourishes your skin.

We also love these bath bombs because they do not dissolve too quickly, so you got to experience the soothing fizziness of the bath bomb for a good period of time. Their simple ingredients include: organic coconut & hemp oils, soya oil, natural fragrances and colors, essential oils, citric acid and
sodium bicarbonate.

3. Refugee Bath Co. Natural Bath Bombs Variety Pack

Refugee Bath Co. Bath Bombs

These high quality and organic natural bath bombs are handmade in Washington state in the USA. Not only that, but they are also handcrafted by refugees in the immediate local community.

These bath bombs only use the highest quality ingredients possible. They are dedicated to using safe and natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin. They avoid using any colors or additives that can stain your tub or harm your skin in any way. Any variety of their bath bomb always contains extremely hydrating cocoa butter to moisturize and condition Your skin.

This large set of bath bombs have also been created using fully compostable and recyclable materials. Each bath bomb is wrapped in compostable material and you can recycle the cardboard box the bath bombs come in. If you truly value natural ingredients, supporting refugee use within the United States, and ensuring you aren’t producing too much waste, these are the perfect bath bombs for you to invest in.

4. Joanne Arden Organics Vegan Bath Bombs

Joanne Arden Organics Vegan Bath Bombs

This vegan bath bomb kit includes twenty large that’s bones that are perfect for men, women, and even kids and teens. These bathrooms are of superior quality and never contain toxic ingredients. They are vegan and gluten-free and made with oils and other wholesome natural ingredients.

These bath bombs contain easy to pronounce and recognize ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, clay, density salt, Shea butter, coconut oil, water, a special blend of essential oils, and safe dyes for your skin and your body.

These natural bath bombs while also fizz well in warm water and release a pleasant but not overwhelming aroma. They won’t dissolve too quickly once they are placed into your warm bath.

5. Relaxcation Organic Vegan Bath Bombs

Relaxcation Organic Vegan Bath Bombs

And last but not least, we have the relaxation bath bomb set. We love these bath bombs so much because they are made with beautiful natural colors, but they’re also decorated with dried flowers and herbs to give them an even more special and natural feeling and look.

These bath bombs are handmade in the USA as well and come in a large size with many different aromas. Some examples of the scents include eucalyptus wave, lavender Sky, mango papaya island, and Cedarwood forest.

These bath bombs are vegan, gluten-free, contain no parabens, SLS, artificial dies, or phthalates. They also use in combination of a few special ingredients that surely make their bath bomb formulation unique. For instance, they include Africa kernel oil or aromatherapy. They also use a special combination of three different salts to help relax the muscles in your body. The salts include Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, and Epsom salts.

6. Aprilis Bath Bombs

Aprilis Bath Bombs

These natural and organic bath bombs come in the prettiest colors and scents, making them perfect for both adults and kids. They are made with eight different essential oils to suit your different moods during the week and each providing its own benefits. Paired with healing and skin-loving ingredients like dead sea salt, sunflower oil, and cocoa butter, these bath bombs are also nourishing and highly moisturizing for the skin. Of course, these natural and organic bath bombs are vegan, non-GMO, sulfate-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

7. Sky Organics Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set

Sky Organics Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set

Sometimes kids like to have fun and be pampered at the same time as well, so this set or kid-friendly bath bombs is something you are definitely going to want to use to make bath time so much more fun and interactive for the kids. Bubblegum, Gummy Bear, Grape Soda, and Galaxy are just a few of the exciting scents these bath bombs come in. You also won’t have to worry about any toxic or harmful ingredients during your child’s bath time as well. The bombs do not have any toxic chemicals, they are vegan and also made in the USA.

8. Tompig Macaron Organic Bath Bombs

Tompig Macaron Organic Bath Bombs

If you want a bath bomb in the cutest shape ever, these macaron bath bombs need to be on your bath rotation. These bath bombs are made with natural and organic ingredients like pure essential oils, shea butter, and sea salt. They are helpful for hydrating your skin and boosting skin elasticity to ensure your skin stays glowing and youthful. Furthermore, the addition of citric acid helps cleanse and purify your skin, helping to fight acne and pimple breakouts all over the body.

9. Two Sisters Spa Oatmeal Milk and Honey Bubble Bath Bomb

Two Sisters Spa Oatmeal Milk and Honey Bubble Bath Bomb

Instead of opting for a huge set of bath bombs, you can buy this single bath bomb as a gift or test out what a bath bomb is like without committing to a whole set. With this option, these bombs are designed and handmade by moms and are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Phthalate-Free, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO, and Eco-Friendly. They are therapeutic and moisturizing by using ingredients like Italian olive oil, essential oils for fragrance, and more!

10. Thrive Organics Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set

Thrive Organics Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set

This completely colorless and dye-free option is ideal if you have sensitive skin or want to use a bath bomb that is as pure as possible and won’t leave your white bath tube a different color. Plus, some people just don’t want colorful bathwater and we totally get that! These bombs are made with baking soda, pure essential oils, real flowers, and real herbs. They are individually wrapped in paper, so you are completely avoiding plastic packaging here as well. It is a total win-win!

Ingredients to Avoid in Bath Bombs

As with anything, there are ingredients you need to avoid in most bath bombs because many of the ingredients are toxic chemicals. While all bath bombs are going to have slightly different ingredients depending on the brand, we have included a handful of the most important ingredients you are going to want to avoid in bath bombs that you purchase.

While this is not a comprehensive list of ingredients you may want to avoid, it is a good place to get started so you can begin to eliminate bath bomb brands that include these harmful, artificial, and chemical ingredients.


Fragrance that is not from essential oils or 100% natural extracts needs to be avoided at all costs. Fragrances are synthetic and can contain hundreds of hidden chemicals that companies making the product never have to disclose to the public. Therefore, you could be exposing your skin and your body to so many harmful toxins without even knowing it. If a bath bomb contains fragrance in the ingredient list, move on a find a better option.

Artificial Dyes

Another huge issue with bath bombs is all of the artificial dyes. Most regular bath bombs are a variety of fluorescent bright colors that are not even close to being a natural color. Dyes are terrible for your skin and your overall health and are not a necessary ingredient in a bath bomb – especially when bath bombs can be colored naturally.


Yes, glitter is pretty and sparkly and can make your bath look like a fun and magical place. However, glitter is not something you should be soaking in and it is also terrible for the environment.

Essentially, glitter is tiny pieces of plastic particles (microplastics). When you drain the water from your tub, that glitter has to go somewhere. More often than not the glitter is going to wind up polluting the oceans and other waterways. It will eventually wind up in our food as well since water covers so much of the earth and a lot of the food we eat comes from the ocean, near the ocean, or waterways.


As you can see, there are so many amazing options for natural and organic bath bombs. There is no need to use conventional bath bombs that are filled with artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, toxic fillers, and other nasty ingredients that can truly harm your skin and your body.

If you had the choice to choose between soaking and a bright pink artificially colored baths or a soft pink bath that has been naturally dyed with fruit or vegetable pigments, you should always be choosing the natural option and not the option that dangerous.

This will ensure that you are taking care of your skin and your body and not exposing yourself to any unnecessary chemicals that can do harm in the short-term and the long-term as well. As always, when you get out of the bath, it is best to lather up with some natural and organic body lotion to lock in all of the moisture you got from the oils and the butter in your bath bomb!

This article was last updated on February 5, 2021 .

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Bath bombs make a great addition to your bath, but only if they are the natural and organic kind. Regular bath bombs are many with many toxic and unhealthy ingredients like SLS, artificial fragrances, synthetic colors, and so much more.

Thankfully, Zion Health makes a super healthy and natural option – their ancient clay hydrating bath bombs with rose oil and bergamot oil.

Today, we are going to take a deeper look into the ingredients of this bath bomb, what the benefits are, how to use it, and our final thoughts on Zion Health’s bath bomb!

The Ingredients

Zion Health Ancient Clay Hydrating Bath Bombs with Rose and Bergamot Oil Ingredients

We really love the fact these bath bombs are made with simple and natural ingredients you can recognize right away. As we discussed, so many bath bombs are filled with really terrible and toxic ingredients, so finding an alternative that is so clean is super awesome.

The ingredients you will find in these ancient clay bath bombs include the following:

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Ionic Clay Minerals (Kanwa), Canola Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Rosa Canine (Rose) Flower Oil, Water.

It truly could not get purer and more natural than that!

The Benefits

Zion Health Ancient Clay Hydrating Bath Bombs with Rose and Bergamot Oil Benefits

While you might think bath bombs are just something pretty and fun to use in your bath, depending on the ingredients, they can actually have some really amazing benefits.

In this bath bomb, the addition of ionic clay minerals, fruit oil, flower oil, and canola oil is great for your skin.

Canola Oil had tons of vitamins like E and K. It can also help reduce skin issues like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and spots. Overall, it is great for antiaging.

Bergamot oil is a natural cleanser to help cleanse your skin thoroughly in the bath. It is known to help with oily skin, unclogging pores, and balancing sebum levels, which help with controlling acne all over the body since you are using it in a bath.

Rose flower oil is excellent for moisturizing dry skin both in and out of the bath. It is also antiseptic and astringent to help treat and improve acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties help treat redness and inflammation caused by acne and other skin conditions.

How to Use

Using a bath bomb could not be simpler. Fill your bath with warm water, but not water that is scalding hot. Drop one bath bomb into the tub filled with water. You can either let the bomb fix and dissolve fully before getting into the bath or you can enter the bath as it is still fizzing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we love these bath bombs from Zion Health because the ingredients just could not get any better and more natural. They smell great but are not too fragranced, contain skin-loving ingredients, and dissolve well in the bath!

If you decide to try out these bath bombs, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you would buy them again.

This article was last updated on May 12, 2021 .

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