Makeup For Blue Eyes – Pure Impact Part 3

You blue-eyed lovelies have been so patient! Thank you for waiting, now here are your eye makeup tips for enhancing your natural beauty.

Natural Makeup for Blue Eyes

daytime makeup look for blue eyes

  • Start with Oyster, the base shade from your goBlue Eye Steppes. Use the Oval Blender Brush to sweep it over the entire lid, right up to the brow bone.
  • Next, apply Taupe to the crease with the Chisel Shader Brush.
  • Clean off the Chisel Shader and use it to press Smoke into the outer fourth of the eye, from the lash line into the crease.
  • Blend everything to an edgeless finish with the Oval Blender.
  • Use Rosy to line under the lower lash line with the Mini Dome Brush.

Now for Makeup with More Drama…

nighttime makeup look for blue eyes

  • Start by applying Oyster to the inner third of the lid and the brow bone. The Deluxe Shader Brush works well for this.
  • Use the Chisel Shader to sweep Taupe onto the outer third of the eye from the lash line all the way to the brow bone.
  • Go right over that with Smoke from the lash line to the crease. Really press it in there if you want some nice intensity. Keep layering until you like it.
  • Next, clean off your brush well and press Rosy into the center of the lid, from the lash line to the crease.
  • Use the Mini Dome to apply Swiss Chocolate (yum!) to the outer three-quarters of the lower lash line.
  • Blend everything well with the Oval Blender, and be sure to give it a good mist with Hydration Spray. This is a secret to keeping intense eye makeup from looking overdone.


One final tip: if you don’t have an array of brushes (and really, you should!) the Chisel Shader is a workhorse that can perform every task in these looks, depending on how you hold it.

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How Real Women Wear Blue Eye Makeup

Trend alert! Blue eye makeup is a must-try this spring. We saw it all over the runways last fall, and the statement look has picked up steam with models, celebrities and trendsetters ever since. The thing is, blue eye makeup, especially blue eye shadow, can be a little intimidating. It’s much brighter than our go-to blacks, browns and tans, and we all remember the early 90s when blue eye shadow went oh-so-wrong.

Fear not, beauties! Blue eye makeup isn’t always gaudy or kitschy; if done right, you can create extremely sophisticated and (dare I say) work-appropriate looks. We promise, after reading these tips, you’ll understand why we say this trend isn’t just for models and celebrities, real women can wear blue too!

psst…Click on the images to find out what products each model is wearing.

Blue Eye Makeup for Day

black woman with blue eyeliner

Our daytime or work makeup is fairly standard. Neutral eye shadow, black or brown eyeliner and mascara and a soft lip. When we want to add a pop of color, we normally trade our pink lipstick for a bold red or sultry wine-hue. Lately, we’ve decided to mix it up and keep the focus on our eyes. The easiest way to do so is by applying Midnight Blue Eye Pencil to our lower lash line. Pair this look with shimmery brown or gold eye shadow and a nude lip.

Pro Tip: If you want to make your liner a little brighter, trade your eye pencil for Magic PurePressed Eye Shadow and an Angle Definer Brush. First, wet the brush using D2O Hydration Spray, then dip it in the eye shadow to turn the powder into a long lasting cream eyeliner.

Blue Eye Makeup For Night

smokey blue eye makeup look

One thing we love about going out on the weekends is that anything goes on the makeup front. So, if you’re hesitant to try out the blue trend during the day, then try this midnight smokey eye look the next time you go on a romantic dinner or have happy hour drinks with your girls. The key to creating this sultry eye makeup is toning down the Blue Hour PurePressed Eye Shadow with Ebony PurePressed Eye Shadow in the outer corner and the crease of your eye.

Pro Tip: Keep the eye liner in place by lining your lower lid with Midnight Blue Eye Pencil, then layering Blue Hour eye shadow on top.

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