Natural cosmetics can be healthier for you and better for your skin. You can create a beneficial step-by-step process by assessing your needs and finding products that fit. Be sustainable and take care of your skin by starting a natural skin care routine.

Figure Out Your Goals

You should understand your skin’s requirements before creating a new skin care routine. Are you looking for products that fix dry skin? Do you exercise regularly and need something to clean your face? An all-natural skin care routine works best when you tailor it to your needs.

There are a few basic skin care steps you should consider:

  • Cleansing – Cleansers remove buildup and impurities on your skin.
  • Exfoliating – Exfoliation gently removes dead skin cells.
  • Moisturizing – Moisturizer replenishes your skin’s moisture.
  • Sun protection – Sun protection products shield your skin against damage.

You should follow each step in the order they’re listed. Each one is essential to the health and elasticity of your skin. These are just the basics — you can add steps or products if you have special needs like acne or sensitivity.

These are crucial parts of most routines, but you can leave steps out if you prefer. For example, you wouldn’t get a product that exfoliates if you have sensitive skin. Creating a skin care routine is about making something tailored to you.

Find Sustainable Products

Ensure the products you use are sustainable when creating your skin care routine. Cosmetic companies routinely use synthetic additives because they can purify or stabilize their products, although many natural ingredients can affect the actual product. That means you may find a mix of both in some products.

Packaging is another crucial part of an all-natural skin care routine. Look for sustainable or reusable containers. Some cosmetic companies use refillable products made from glass. It saves critical environmental resources and reduces waste. However, only some products can use this packaging because it can alter their shelf life and appearance.

Check The Label

The most important part of an all-natural skin care routine is the ingredients you use. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate some claims, so you must check the ingredients. For example, a skin care product can say it’s green or organic without proving it to the FDA. Ignore its claims and check the label to see what it contains.

The ingredients list is usually on the back of the label and will tell you everything the product contains. Whatever is listed first will have the highest concentration, so if you spot a natural ingredient at the bottom, it may not be worth it. Always check the label and ensure the all-natural ingredients are listed first and there aren’t any synthetic additives.

Use All-Natural Ingredients

All-natural ingredients should come from nature. They can be waxes, oils, fats, clays or botanicals. Some examples are beeswax and seed oil. Many of them have excellent health or beauty properties.

People commonly use clay on their skin for protection and cleansing. Kaolin clay has low oil absorption and is soft, making it great for cosmetic use. Companies can process it to remove grit so it stays fine and delicate. It’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t draw out any essential moisture. It can even protect against the sun because it contains small, unsymmetrical particles.

Vitamins are also all-natural ingredients you can use in your skin care routine. Each has different properties, so find what works best for your skin. For example, vitamin C can improve wrinkles, while vitamin E can reduce redness. Think back to your skin care goals and choose products that align with them.

Start Your All-Natural Skin Care Routine

Natural skin care can be beneficial for your skin and healthier than synthetic alternatives. Try finding sustainable products with eco-friendly packaging when you’re building your routine. Remember to check the label and the ingredients list before you settle on anything. Find your products and get set to start your all-natural skin care routine.

Author Bio

Jane is an environmental writer and the founder and editor-in-chief of Environment.co where she covers sustainability and eco-friendly living.

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Easy Curly Girl Method for Beginners


For nearly a decade the Curly Girl Method by hairstylist Lorraine Massey has changed the way women have cared for their natural curls and waves.

In 2011, Massey, who also owned Devachan salons at the time released a book with Michele Bender called Curly Girl: The Handbook. In it, she describes the Curly Girl Method otherwise known as CGM, a hair care and styling routine that has not only proven to be successful (just check out all the social media clubs and posts dedicated to it) but one that will likely continue to evolve and gather even more believers. 

The Curly Girl Method

What is the Curly Girl Method?

This hair care routine is all about taking claim of your natural curls and undoing damage from mainstream methods that actually hurt the natural texture of curly hair. The Curly Girl Method ditches the products and processes that are weighed down in chemicals and harmful routines that actually damage, dry out and flatten curls and introduces a process that allows your hair to fall into its natural curl pattern. When all steps are followed and the right products are used, the Curly Girl Method has proven to make curls fuller and more defined.

The Curly Girl Method: Do’s and Don’ts

While the original steps and products work well, you can still make this routine your own and find the process and products that work best for your curls. There are several online communities on social media dedicated to the Curly Girl Method and thousands of before and after photos can be found on Instagram with #CurlyGirlMethod that will definitely inspire curly and wavy hair girls to give this hair care routine a try.

The Curly Girl Method

1. Say goodbye to traditional shampoos with sulfates.

We are big fans of using the right shampoos for your hair type. We’re also big proponents of reading ingredients on hair products carefully and it’s a non-negotiable with the Curly Girl Method. Many shampoos contain sulfates that are drying and harsh. A bad sulphate to avoid is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), there are others however that are less harsh and irritating such as Sodium Lareth Sulfate (SLeS) and using these shampoos can help for curly girls who need more cleansing if they have oily or greasy hair. Other gentle cleansing shampoos or “low-poos” can also include gentle cleansing ingredients such as cocamidopropyl betaine and decyl polyglucose which help to cleanse gently without stripping the hair.

2. Ditch the combs and brushes.

Instead of bristles and teeth that pull, break and weaken hair, the Curly Girl Method says to ditch harmful combs and brushes and use your fingers instead. With your fingers you can get an exact feel for knots and control how you work your way through your hair. Using your fingers also helps in massaging the scalp to help follicle stimulation and you’re also working in moisture into your locks—especially when applying approved Curly Girl Method products like conditioner.

The Curly Girl Method

3. Avoid non water-soluble formula products

These cause build-up and can weigh hair, especially curly hair, down. Non water-soluble products are also harder to wash out, for those who want tight, full curls, these products are a no-no and are not recommended for curly or wavy hair.

4. Do not use products with silicones, fragrance and alcohol.

These products should be avoided for all hair types actually. These ingredients strip the hair of natural oils, can cause irritation depending on the make up of the products and fragrance, and can also dry out the hair. While it’s easy to be lured by alluring smells or perhaps go-products you’ve always used without looking at its ingredients list, it’s best to chuck these products from your hair care routine to maintain the healthiest curls.

5. Avoid heat-styling.

This may seem difficult especially when you want the option to quickly dry hair or tame it. Using a diffuser on low heat and heat protect product can be incorporated, but it’s best to gently blot or pat your curly hair dry with a microfiber towel and hair dry to maintain longevity, elasticity and strength in your curls. 

If you are still itching to change up your look, use clip in extensions like our curly ponytail extension instead. 



The Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Method for hair washing

Step 1: Cleanse

When cleansing, use your fingertips and not your nails to work your conditioner or co-wash in.  This can be done 1-2 times a week depending on your curl type. Those with wavy hair have the option to use shampoo once a week if needed, those with curly hair should use conditioner and water once a week. For girls with coily hair, wet hair as needed in between co-wash days that work for your hair.

Step 2: Condition

Apply conditioner and coat the hair with conditioner, a wide tooth gentle comb can help spread the product if used sparingly, but as always, fingers are better. For wavy hair, be sure to condition before and after shampoo and rinse out conditioner after about a minute. For curly girls, rinse or leave in conditioner depending on how dry your hair is or how much moisture you need. For coily hair, allow conditioner to sit and wrap the hair. When safely wrapped (not too tight) low-setting heat can be used to seal conditioner in. Rinse thoroughly to avoid build-up.

Step 3: Dry and style

It’s time to put those harsh blow-dryers down and pick up a microfiber towel. Instead of blasting your curls with heat, simply bend forward allowing curls to fall over (if they’re long enough) and if not, simply cup your curls in your towel and begin to gently scrunch your gel from the ends towards the scalp. Do so in sections, starting at the nape of your neck and working up scrunching your top layer last. You can use a hair clip to keep sections apart.

The Curly Girl Method

For wavy hair, you can pin curls to help them stay or use some extra scrunching. For curly hair, fluff hair from underneath for more volume and avoid scrunching or fluffing the top to avoid fizziness. For coily hair, wash and go! This texture is so naturally held well, it can be styled as you please after a wash.

Must have Curly Girl Method Products

1. Conditioner or co-washes

A cleansing conditioner is your BFF on the Curly Girl Method. Finding a conditioner or co-wash to cleanse and condition/moisturize helps to keep hair clean without harshly stripping it. 

Go-to co-wash and cleansing conditioner products:

Use products that are rich in emollients such as shea butter, olive oil and also rich in proteins such as wheat, wheat germ or soy. Emollients help to moisturize and strengthen hair while proteins help to restore hair follicles and prevent breakage. 

Moisturizing products with amino acids and aloe vera are also great especially for certain kinky or coily hair types that are naturally on the dryer side.

2. Moisturizing products for curly to kinky hair

Styling gels with PVP or PVP/VA give your curls bounce and more lift.  PVP is a water-soluble polymer and is used in a ton of products as a binder or fixative helping to keep hair in place without being stiff or as many girls with curly hair will know – crunchy as some products do. 

The Curly Girl Method

3. Styling products to give your curls life

The Curly Girl Method

What every hair type can learn from the Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Method was made for girls with wavy to curly and coily hair, but the foundations of this hair care routine can be applied to other hair types as well. In particular, the focus on sulfate and alcohol-free shampoos and products. The emphasis on moisturizing is also big thing to keep hair healthy for all hair types. Whether though hair oils, masks or other protective and restorative hair products and methods, giving your hair an extra moisture boost helps to strengthen hair and even improve shine.  

Looking for more hair advice and styling tips? Subscribe to our newsletter to step up your hair game. 

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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Protective hairstyling is a curly girl’s best friend, especially as the temperatures start to drop. The extreme cold and wind can take a major toll on our delicate strands, so it’s important to keep them moisturized and tucked away. If you’re after a hairstyle that’s protective and stylish, look no further than box braids. The traditional African braid rose to popularity almost three decades ago, defining an era of iconic black television, movies and music. In 2020, celebrities and influencers are bringing back the iconic 90’s style.

How to do box braids

What are box braids?

Box braids are plaits or three-strand braids that are divided into square-shaped sections. Unlike cornrows, box braids are not braided flat against the scalp, instead hair is sectioned off into squares (or boxes) all throughout the scalp and gets braided down its entire length. This gives you the option to style your braids as you would your normal hair. They can be done with natural hair or you can add hair extensions for extra length and thickness, or to add a pop of colour. You can use human or synthetic hair to achieve the look. 

Knotless braids are a modern adaptation of the classic box braid that give a more natural finish and look more like your own hair. They put less tension on your hair, so they are the better choice for those with sensitive scalps. 

Both options are a great protective style because there’s no heat, or constant pulling and tugging, which means your hair won’t have any issues growing. However, box braids can damage your hair if they are installed incorrectly, or left in for too long.

How to prep your hair for box braids

If you’re thinking of getting box braids, there are a few things you should do to prep your hair before installation. It’s very important to make sure that your hair is shampooed, detantangled, deep-conditioned, and trimmed before braided. This will ensure that your hair is healthy and moisturized before going into a long-term style like braids. Box braids can last up to two months, and you can’t remove all the dirt and build-up from your hair or scalp, so starting with clean hair is always best. 

Box braids can be pretty pricey. You can expect to spend anywhere from $100-$400 for your box braids (which makes sense since it can take up to eight hours to do). However if you’re not ready to shell out that kind of cash, but still want to try the style, here’s a step by step guide for how you can achieve the style from home. 

How to do box braids

How to do box braids at home: a step by step guide

Step 1

Wash, deep condition, detangle and blow dry your hair. It’s important to start off with a clean, moisturized base to make sure that this style can hold up. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo like, the Shea Moisture African Black Deep Cleansing Shampoo, to remove product residue and build-up. Always follow up with a good hair mask, we love the Ouidad Curl Recovery Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask because it hydrates the hair and prevents breakage. 

Step 2

Once your hair is all clean, add your favourite leave-in products to ensure your hair is as smooth, hydrated, and easy to work with as possible. We love the Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangler for an extra boost of curl hydration. Before blow-drying, add a thermal protectant like the Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, which doesn’t only protect your hair from heat, it repairs it. Finally blow-dry your hair before moving on to braiding. 

Step 3

Section off your hair for the braids, and then make smaller sections within the sections. The smaller parts will be the size of your braids, so make them as micro or jumbo as you want. Make sure you use a great precision comb for effortless, clean parts. Mariah suggests using hair bands to section off the hair you’re not braiding and keep it out of the way. 

How to do box braids

Step 4

Now for the fun part — braiding your hair. To start, take a piece of braiding hair and place it on top of the sectioned off piece of hair. Start a three strand braid. The three strands are 1) braiding hair 2) your own hair 3) braiding hair.

How to do box braids

Step 5

Once you get towards the end of your real hair, it’s time to feed it into the braiding hair. No good braid instal is complete without a great jam or paste to keep everything in place. To add shine and memory to your braids, use cult-favourite gel SoftSheen Carson Let’s Jam. It adds control without the crunch and is safe to use on synthetic hair. Pro tip: Keep detangling your hair as you go, the smoother your hair is the longer the braids will last. 

How to do box braids

Step 6

Now that you only have two sections of hair for your three strand braid, split one of your two sections to make three again and continue braiding all the way down. Continue using edge control and gel to tame and lock the hair in place.

How to do box braids

Step 7

Once all of your braids are done, seal the ends of the braids with hot water. To make your braids last and keep flyaways flat, we recommend using a few pumps of a foam mouse. One of our favourites is AllDay Locks & Braids Foam Control, because it provides a long-lasting hold and doesn’t flake. 

How to do box braids

Step 8

To complete the look, use edge control and an edges brush or toothbrush to lay your baby hairs. The key to a polished look is perfectly laid baby hairs. 

Your braids are installed but your work isn’t over just yet. It’s important that you maintain your braids so that they stay frizz-free as long as possible. A satin bonnet, scarf, or silk pillowcase will protect your hair while you sleep. We also suggest getting an anti-itch spray like, Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner, so that you don’t disturb your roots which will lead to frizz. Since you will be skipping shampoo for a few weeks we also suggest getting a scalp cleansing rinse that you can use while your braids are installed, which will allow you to maintain your protective style a bit longer. One of our favourites is Cantu’s Refresh Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Co-Wash, it has a combination of apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and shea butter, which will cleanse, condition, and nourish your scalp. 

Keeping your braids in for too long may be tempting, but it can cause breakage, matting, and buildup on your new growth. If you want to stretch your time, we suggest getting the hairline and nape redone around the six-week mark. 

When it’s time to take your braids out, the worst thing you can do is rush. Make sure to set aside enough time for the process so that you don’t damage your hair. Here are the steps to uninstalling your box braids the right way. 

How to do box braids

How to remove box braids at home

Step 1

Spray your hair with warm water. The follow up with a detangling product, like Auntie Jackie’s Curls & Coils Not On May Watch Instant Detangler, to add some slip to your hair. Pro tip: Go in sections so that your hair doesn’t dry while you work through it. 

Step 2 

Begin from the bottom and move upwards. If you added extensions you can cheat by cutting the bottoms, but leave enough space to where your natural hair ends. Keep in mind your hair has probably grown so don’t cut off too much.

Step 3

Add some Detangler to your fingertips and slowly unravel the braids. Keep detangling your hair with a wide tooth comb or your fingers, always starting from the bottom and moving upwards.

Step 4 

Once you’ve fully unravelled the braid to the root you will be able to remove the extensions. 

Once your protective style is removed you’ll want to give your hair some TLC. Follow up with your hair care routine, make sure to give your hair a good scrub and lots hydration.

Written by: Phelisha Cassup

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For many women of color, no hair look is complete without reaching for gel or edge control to get their baby hairs swooshed, sleek and slayed. Popularized in the 90’s by the likes of celebrities such as Chilli from TLC and LaToya Jackson, baby hairs or edges are experiencing a full on resurgence in the age of Instagram influencers. Ranging from the ‘I woke up like this” effortless, yet chic baby hair look to the crafty, intricate webs of waves, edges are the perfect finishing touch to textured hair looks.

When Beyonce belted “I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros” in her empowering anthem “Formation,” a chorus of Black women sang along with her, embracing those tiny yet mighty baby hairs they wear around their heads like accessories.

What are hair edges or baby hairs?

Baby hairs also known as edges, are shorter hairs situated at the hairline region at the perimeter of textured hair. They are most commonly found on Black and Brown women’s hair. For decades, women of color have turned them into works of art.

“That extra step to be like, ‘You know what? I’m going to style it,’ is something a Black girl would do. To take something so normal and make it intricate and detailed,” Buzzfeed beauty editor Essence Gant explained to CRWNMAG last year.

The art of ‘laying’ baby hairs has become a ritualistic phenomenon that many Black and Brown women huddle close up to their mirrors to perfect as a finishing touch to their hair looks. 

How and when did the edges trend start?

Laying edges originated in the early 1920’s according to Essence Magazine. Dancer, singer and civil rights activist Josephine Baker was one of the early pioneers of the baby hair trend. Baker donned carefully crafted, swooshed down baby hairs that contoured and chiseled her face with her sleek short cut during her performances in Parisian theaters.

“It was sculptural,” British hairstylist Guido Palau described to The New York Times. “There was no part, and the way the gel broke the hair around the face, it looked like a mannequin’s head.”

Both Baker and jazz singer Baby Esther’s signature sultry hair went on to inspire the iconic animated character Betty Boop in the 1930’s as sculptural hair edges began to gain traction.

By the 1960’s, the Civil Rights Movement was sending shockwaves of change through the U.S., as Black people fought for freedom and equality. With the movement kicking into full force, Black people began rocking bold and beautiful afros. Black women sported their afros with gelled down baby hairs and the edges hair trend would once again pick up steam.

Fast forward to the 1990’s and baby hairs were ubiquitous in Black celebrity hair looks. The Mexican-American Chola aesthetic also became widely popular on the West Coast and soon Latinas began to embrace the baby hair look.

Like many Black hair movements, however, the baby hair aesthetic would unfortunately gain a stigma of perceived unprofessionalism attached to it. Because of this, many women of color went so far as to have their baby hairs surgically removed.

“I remember a time when girls had not just a little clean up but an extreme swirl. And it was considered ghetto,” Chelsea Rojas, host of Black Girls Texting told Essence Magazine last year.”

Others argued Black women’s fixation on hair edges were an effort to make their curly, afro-textured hair look presentable.

But in the last five years or so, as Black women have taken agency over their hair in the wake of the natural hair movement, baby hairs have once again become en vogue, embraced and recognized as works of self-expression.

What are the different styles of hair edges? 

Soft & subtle

Soft & subtle baby hairs look effortless and natural. This is a perfect look for those with bouncy curls who have more of a Type 3A-3C curl texture. Applying a generous amount of edge control and tying a silk scarf along your edges for 15-30 minutes will do the trick to achieve this look. If you’re in a rush, blow drying your edges on a low heat setting while pressing your fingers onto your hair will also get the job done.

Swirly & sleek 

Swirly baby hairs transform your hair into intricate works of art, fit for the Smithsonian. These swirls are perfect for sleek up-do’s like high ponytails. To add extra volume to your high ponytails, clip in Luxy Hair’s Clip-In Ponytails or install the Seamless Luxy Hair Extensions upside down. The clips on the Seamless collection are practically invisible and clipping them upside down gives you extra insurance that your wefts are undetectable.

Messy chic

The messy chic baby hair aesthetic will have you looking like you stumbled out of bed red carpet ready. This look quite literally requires very little effort and can usually be achieved without much heat or products. Simply sleep with a silk scarf tied over your edges overnight and you’ll wake up with messy chic edges.

Water waves

Water waves frame your face with tiny crescent moon shapes permeating your hairline. Grab a spray bottle of water and lightly wet your hair, then grab a dollop of mousse and gently apply it to your edges, in a crescent-like pattern until it shapes the perimeter of your face. Water waved edges are the perfect way to top off a beach wave look. The best clip in hair extensions to achieve this look are the 240G Classic Luxy Hair Extensions if you are looking to rock long, bouncy mermaid curls. Grab your favorite curling wand or iron and part medium sections of your hair, curl, then finger comb to separate said curls and voila, you’re officially a water wave mermaid with laid edges.

Poof and slay

If you have Type 4 Hair and you’re keeping it au-natural with no heat, grab yourself an afro pick to perfect your poof and tie it back with a hair tie. Once it’s in a ponytail, grab some alcohol-free hair gel to slick down the front part of your hair and then lay down those edges with an edge brush.

Braided and laid

For those of you sporting braided protective styles, having laid edges is the perfect finishing touch to bring your look together. The trick is to melt your edges softly into the direction of your braids to allow your braids to look snatched and freshly installed on a daily basis.

What are the best baby hair/edge control products?

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Edge Control Smoother

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Edge Control Smoother is a perfect two-in-one product to keep your baby hairs smooth and sleek. It’s suitable for those with Type 3A-4A hair looking for edge control products with long-lasting wear.

It’s also super affordable and leaves your hair permeated in the heavenly scent of sweet vanilla.

Purchase on Amazon Here

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control

Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control is a holy grail product for people with all curly hair textures from Type 3A-4C. This edge control comes in both regular and extra hold for those who need an extra boost to keep their edges laid all day and night.

Purchase on Amazon Here

ECO Styler Professional Styling Gel

ECO’s Styler Professional Styling Gel is a timeless classic product to get your baby hairs laid without the prickly white residue that so many edge control products leave behind. The lightweight alcohol-free formula keeps your hair from getting dry, brittle and flaky and provides you with natural wispy baby hairs.

Purchase On Amazon Her

African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold Braid, Loc, Twist Gel

African Pride’s Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold Braid, Loc, Twist Gel is a must-have for those who like to keep it braided and laid. The Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil ingredients in the gel stimulate hair growth while simultaneously locking down edges, sideburns and flyaways. This is a perfect edge control to put on overnight, whilst tying your edges down with a silk scarf.

Purchase On Amazon Here

Shop our recommended products below:

What are the best brushes to lay down edges with?

Baby hairs can be laid down effectively with pretty much any edge control brush specifically designed for baby hairs that can be found at local drug and beauty supply stores. When going for the ‘messy chic’ look discussed earlier, simply pressing onto one’s baby hairs with one’s fingers will suffice. And if you’re really in a bind, you can grab a toothbrush as the bristles are practically identical to those of an edge control brush.

What impact does the baby hair trend have on the hair industry?

Black women have continued to be trendsetters in the hair industry and the baby hair trend shows no signs of slowing down. From its humble beginnings decorating the heads of Black flappers in the 1920s, to its heightened popularity in Hollywood in the 90’s to its current Instagram-inspired phenomena amongst millennials, baby hairs have proven to be timeless accessories. The variety of patterns and waves speak to the ingenuity and artfulness Black women embody every day in their beautiful textured hair. Baby hairs are the exclamation point in beauty when Black women want to make a statement.

Written by Ashley Inkumsah

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101 Easy Nail Designs for Beginners


Bored of monotonous nail colors? Are you like me who is tired of spending hours looking for an easy nail design?
Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.
Here we have put a few of manicure magic that any beginner can do at home.

Create a simple and artistic nail design using a fan brush and a blend of three colors. Apply a light blue color on your nails first and use dark blue and pink as strokes of your brush. Beginners can use this easy nail design.

Give your nails a marble effect. Use a spoon for the color palette. Swirl two colors on the spoon and roll your nails. An easy nail design that looks intricate, isn’t it?

3. Sponged Design

For a very cute manicure technique for the beginners is to create a blend of two girly colors. Use a sponge to dab it onto your nails.

4. Not So Easy Nail Design

It is all about the lines for an attractive nail design. You will need a nail striper and a good choice of colors to do these wavy lines at home.

5. Valentine’s Special

Why not spread yourself with some redness this Valentine?
Paint your nails bright red. Draw some hearts and go crazy with polka dots.

6. V-Shaped

For an easy nail design that looks like a lot of work, you can opt for V-shaped designs. Paint your nails with a bright color maybe red and paint the ends of the nails in such a way that your base colors appear in the shape of a V. Play with the colors of choice. A comfortable design for the beginners to do at home.

7. Love for Watermelons

If you want a summer-themed nail art, what better than watermelons? Find yourself colors like green and ripe red and paint them alternatively. Create a watermelon in the ring finger to accentuate the look. Don’t forget to seal it with a top coat.

8. Snowflakes

For a sparkly snowy look paint your nails a bright purple and splash with white hexagonal patterns.

9. Easy Nail Design for Short Nails

Anyone who thinks nail art is not for short nails, you are absolutely wrong. A simple yet classy design that you can do is paint your nails black and add polka dots of different colors clustered towards the ends of your nails.

10. Rainbow Love

Pick your favorite bright colors and paint them horizontally on your nails. You can paint some of your nails just one solid, bright color to add effect to your rainbow nails.

11. Cute Bow Design

Love polka dots and bow?
Combine them voila, adorable nails! Yay!
Paint your nails a nude pink and use back of a toothpick to make your white polka dots. For the ring finger put a bow and seal the deal with a top coat.
Definitely a DIY for beginners.

12. Ombre for Nails

We all love the ombre effect. So, why not use them for nails? Blend two complimentary colors, dab them with a sponge, voila, ombre nails!

13. Easiest Nail Design

This is not much of a design. Well, it is just a play of the right colors. If you like going for themes you can opt for nudes or golds. Or just play with shades of pink and blue.

14. Love Thy Nail

Tell him that you love him a unique way.
A subtle way to tell someone you love them.
Paint your ring fingernail nude and other red. Write down your message.
You can even apologize to someone this way.

15. Halloween Design

This Halloween let your nails feel the spook too. Use a matte black nail polish for your nails except for the middle finger nail. For the middle finger nail, paint it bright red. Use the red nail polish to make a pumpkin on the ring finger nail.

16. Floral Design

This type of nail art requires some patience, steady hands and experience. Once you get through it though, you will have gorgeous nails. Pearls can be added to finish off the look.

17. Simple Floral Effect

Simply paint your nail black. Use the back of toothpick for colors yellow and white and make flowers.
Flowers for your nails?

18. Sparkles?

Nude and gold blend perfectly. For a simple design, paint your nails a nude color and diagonally paint some sparkles on them.

19. Color Your Nails

For a simple marble effect, paint your nails white and just scribble colors all over your nails.

20. Matte French Tips

This is certainly my favorite. For matte nail design, you need to find colors that blend perfectly. You can choose black and red to give your nail a chic effect.

21. Reverse French Tip

For a very sleek and classic nail design, paint your nails black and add a silver lining to the roots of your nails.

22. Nude & Sparkles

I love nude colors for my nails. To brighten up them I would put a few sparkles on my nails and color my ring finger with a silver color.

23. Patterns

If you love patterns, you can opt for nail designs like these. Use lines and dots to make patterns and pick your favorite colors.

24. Sparkly Blue & White

Use sparkly blue color and white for your nails. Paint your ring finger white and make a design with sparkly blue.

25. Green Designs

For a nature theme nail design, use green colors and accentuate the nail design with tribal prints on your index and ring finger.

26. White & Black Patterns

Paint your nails white and draw patterns with black colors that are unique and intricate.

27. Golden Touch

A simple design for beginners.
Paint your nails black and draw a golden line towards the nail ends to accentuate the look.
Do this easily at home.

28. Kintsugi

For such a beautiful nail design, you might need to visit a nail salon.

29. Matte & Glossy

Matte and glossy nails seem to be the trend of this season. Not just the trend they seem to be an easy nail design as well. Use matte black color and paint golden glossy stripes.

30. Metallic Nails

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your nails, then you can use metallic nail polish to cover your nails. These silver nails are a mirror to reflect your beauty.

31. Tribal Nails

For short nails, you can opt for black and white colors with tribal patterns.

32. Black & Gold

Paint your nails black and use golden color to make three dots in a line toward the roots of your nail.
A very easy nail design for all the beginners.
Finish off the look with a top coat.

33. Gold & Silver

Take some time to do such type of nail design. Pick golden and silver colors and paint them in a triangular manner on your nails. You can leave some space between the golden and silver triangles.

34. Black & Red

Give a feminine and mysterious touch to your hands with black and red colors. Paint half your nails black and rest half red with a golden stripe in the middle. Paint your ring finger red and add some sparkles. Don’t forget the top coat.

35. Royal Design

For a royal effect on your nails, paint triangles golden triangles on your nails. For the rest of nail, use a royal blue color.

36. Glitters for Ombre

You can use glitters to give an ombre effect on your nails. Paint your nails a shiny black and for your thumb and ring finger, dab silver sparkles towards the roots. This is an easy DIY design.

37. Spiral Designs

For an easy nail design, opt for a solid maroon color and make spirals down the nails. You can leave some of your nails with solid color.

38. Sophisticated Black

You can give yourself a royal manicure with matte nail enamel with a glossy embellishment. Add some glitter to your nails to make your nail looks extra special. These nails perfectly compliment your chic black evening gown.

39. Short Nail Designs

To give yourself beautiful nails, follow this step by step tutorial. This is easy that any beginners can do. Use brown and a nude color combination. The colors can be used to make patterns all over your nails. You can opt for different patterns for different nails.
An easy nail design for short nails.

40. Yin & Yang Design

Give your nails a yin and yang makeover. Use the colors black and white; follow the step by step procedure given above. These step by step process can be followed at home by all. Stripes and dots create a beautiful effect on your nail.

41. Emoji Effect

Express your emotions with the help of your nails. Emoji is the theme for the 21st century. Use bright yellow color as the base and use black, white and blue to draw faces with different emotions.

42. Old Newspaper Design

For a burnt old newspaper effect on your nails follow the following steps:
1. Give your nails a nude base color preferably off white.
2. Dip pieces of newspaper on alcohol.
3. Place the dipped pieces of newspaper on your nails and then take them off.
4. The newspaper print will have transferred onto your nails.
5. Use a brush to create a hole on your nails and sponge to dab it to give effect.
6. Use a dab of nail polish remover in the middle of the hole for an old burnt newspaper effect.
There you have it a design that cannot go wrong even if you do it yourself at home.

43. Easy Manicure Nail Designs

You can give yourself a manicure just with the help of scissors and tape. Use zigzag scissors and cut your tape in that pattern. Place them on top of your nails leaving the edge with a pattern. Use a dark color and sparkly colors to give an effect.

44. Diagonal Shine

Get yourself best of both worlds. Use matte and glossy nail polish for the same design. You can use a tape to give a diagonal effect. Pick matte and glossy polish of  the same color and paint in the diagonals.

45. Newspaper for Nails

Choose an easy nail design, love. Pick a nude color, dip into alcohol and rub newspapers on them. Don’t forget the top coat.

46. Step By Step Nail Designs

Tape and scissors are great tools for creating easy nail designs that are classy. Take three pieces of tape and pick your three favorite colors to paint the tape. Cut small pieces of triangles when dry and place it on your nails. Top coat is a must!

47. Spring for Nails

Flowers are the theme for spring. Make sure you pick spring colors like blue, yellow and white. Paint your nails sky blue and use toothpicks to make flowers.

48.  Flag Nail Designs

For this July Fourth why not choose a flag inspired nail design. You can choose any of the pattern.
For the first pattern, choose red and blue color and use white color for stripes.
The second pattern, can be used by drawing stripes on red colored nails and dots on blue colored nails.
Choose one for this Independence Day!

49. Galaxy Designs

Galaxy designs are easy nail designs that you can do as a beginner. Use black as a base color and create a blend of blue, pink and green with sponge. Add a sparkly top coat to give a starry effect.

50. Red, White & Blue

Red, white and blue colors can be used to create a very easy nail design. Just use blue and white to create stripes on a solid red base color.

51. Thunder Effect

Create a thunderous effect on your nails. These designs look elaborate but are fairly easy nail designs. Use a black color for the base and dab colors like blue, purple and pink with a sponge. Use a pen and white color for the lightening on your nails.

52. Blue & Pink

Use a nude pink for base color. Create a blend of blue and pink on the sponge and dab it onto your nails. You can add a sparkly top coat for a stunning look.

53. Saran Wrap Manicure

Use saran wrap to create wonderful nail designs. Pick your favorite color. Use one for the base and use the wrap to dab other nail color. A top coat just cannot be forgotten. n easy nail design, isn’t it?


Use a nail art pen and three colors to create a funky nail design. Paint designs with blue, white and red. Add into the coolness with black color.

55. Bright Nail Designs

Pick colors of your favorite flowers. Now it is time to play with the colors. Use a toothpick’s front and back to create different sizes of dots and go crazy all over your nails. You can use any color for dots. Create a theme of flowers, so you can use colors found in the flowers.

56. Golden French Tip

This is such a stylish and classy nail design. Id you want an easy design yet very sophisticated all you have to do it use a nude base color, french tip with golden and for the shine a top coat. This is among my personal favorites.

57. White & Gold

Another easy nail design for beginners to do at home. Lay over a triangular stripe and paint over with white enamel. Use a tweeser to remove the stripes.

58. Blue & White Stripes

Create blue and white deigns on your nails. For added effect draw a design on your ring finger with a golden sparkly polish.

59. Dandelion Design

Another one of my personal favorites!
For this one, you need blue, white and black. Paint your nail with sparkly blue. Use a brush to create a dandelion effect and black to create the stem.

60. Butterfly Art

If you love butterflies and yellow color, you can opt for butterfly nail arts. These are easy nail designs which though requires some time and effort. Drawing the butterfly is easier once you start. Apply different shades of yellow on the nails and use the ring finger to create a butterfly. You can use multi-colored stones on the wings to make it look more attractive.

61. Fishnet Design

You can use the fabric in loofah to create an easy nail design. Simply paint your nail with one color and let it dry. Put the fabric over and paint over with another color.

62. Waves of Pink

You will need a bright pink and white color for a fabulous nail design. You can paint the tips pink and paint wavy white lines. For the ring fingerpaint it solid pink and create white lines of waves.

63. St.Patrick’s Day

For this St. Patrick’s day, you can do an easy nail design. Create black and green stripes on the tips. Finish off the look by creating a golden box.

64. Bow Tie Special

Another cute and easy nail design that can be done by the beginners. You need black and another color for this. Paint your nails with any color. Color the tips with black and create a bow near the ends. Make dots for the buttons.

  65. Sparkled Icy Effect

Pick a cool shade of enamel and silver sparkled nail polish. Paint your nails. Don’t forget to add some beads.

66. Glittered French Tip

French tips are easy nail designs that you can do at home. Why not add some sparkles to it? Use a nude pink as the base color. Of course for the tips, white is everyone’s favorite. Just to finish off the look, paint a silver line between the white and pink.

67.  Tree For Design

Use green and brown for a natural theme. Paint brown and green alternately. You can paint sparkly coat on top of the green. Make a unique design on top of brown using white nail polish.

68. Golden Pink

Golden up your pink enamel. Paint a golden glittered nail color towards the roots of your nail. This is a very stunning nail design that anyone can do.

69. Simple Nude

This might be the easiest nail design for anyone to do at home. Paint a shiny top coat on top of your nude nail enamel. This look s fantastic on short nails as well.

70. Circular Patterns

This is an easy nail design. For this you just need to paint your nails matte black. Use a toothpick’s back to create circles that itself creates a pattern. Use different sizes of circle. This nail design doesn’t go wrong for short nails or long nails.

71. Simple Design

A very simple design indeed.
You will only need white and black nail polish,
Paint all of your nails white except your ring fingernail. For that nail, use a black nail polish to create spiral design. Put a black and white dot. A top coat obviously is needed to finish the look.

72. Styled French Tip

French tips are all our favorites. So, why not add some style to it? You can use black to create an angled french tp. A nude color would be perfect for the base color.

73. Gems

Why not add some colors to your black and white nails? Paint your nail entirely black. Now all you need is a whole lot of other colors. Dab into back of toothpick and just create a circle of colors. You can create a line of circle or just two circles.

74. Festival of Colors

Splash your nails with colors. Go crazy on them. Use as many colors as you can and dab them on white base colors. Add a top coat for a shiny effect.

75. All The Styles

You can have all the styles in one single nail design be it sparkly, solid nail color or polka dots. Choose the colors you want. You can opt for purple, black, silver and white. Paint your index and little finger nail a solid color. You can use silver color for the ring finger nail. For the middle finger paint it black and add purple and white circles.You can vary the size of circles.

You can try all of these, love. It is all about colors. Have fun!
Make your nails as beautiful as you.

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