Amala Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum Review


There are so many serums you can choose from it can be overwhelming finding the right one for you, but this AHA sleep serum might just be your ticket, and we are going to dig deep into it to see how it stacks us. 

Amala’s Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum is definitely going to be on your list of must-try skin serums. Today, we are going to take a further look at the ingredients, the benefits, how to use this skin serum, and rounding it off with our final thoughts. 

The Ingredients

Their formula is gluten-free, vegan, pregnancy-safe, and made with absolutely no synthetic fragrances. They also include cold-pressed oils in this serum which means nothing is processed in high heat temperatures so the ingredients retain all of their vitamins and minerals. Absolutely nothing is stripped from it. 

Amala also uses special bio-fermented ingredients, which are naturally packed full of probiotics that can be easily absorbed into your body and your skin for maximum results and benefits. 

The three main key ingredients in this serum include: 

  • 5% AHA fruit complex: lactic and glycolic fruit acid help improve cell renewal and skin texture. It also helps brighten skin tone, reduce pore size, and smoothen fine lines.  
  • GABA amino acids: amino acids help relax the appearance of fine lines, expression lines, and deeper lines and promote optimal skin elasticity and smoothness. 
  • Licorice root extract: this is a botanical that is anti-inflammatory to help calm the effects of AHA. Licorice root also brightens the skin with its powerful component called glycyrrhizic.

How to Use

Amala Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum How to Use

To use this serum, wash your face before use and then put a pearl-sized amount into your hands. Press into your skin every night but avoid the sensitive eye area. You might feel a slight tingling sensation upon application but this will go away. 

When using this product, you must wear sunscreen since it can cause some photosensitivity. The following morning, apply your favorite sunscreen and go on with your day! It is as simple as that. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, we really like this AHA sleep face serum because it is powerful and you can just apply it at night and forget about it! It works its magic as you are sleeping and you get to wake up with skin that looks fresh and youthful. 

We do suggest if you have sensitive skin that can get irritated easily, you may not want to use this product or proceed with caution. The natural acids in this formula are safe and effective but can be irritating for some people. 

In the end, this face serum is an awesome option if you are looking to smooth your skin’s texture, improve fine lines and deeper lines, and gently exfoliate your skin as you sleep. You are going t love waking up in the mornings to smoother and extra glowy skin. 

This article was last updated on August 5, 2021 .

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