The Summer Skincare SPF Guide


spf skincare products

As Summer approaches, excitement starts to fill the air with visions of longer days, short-sleevedtops and leisurely days at the beach. Unfortunately, that’s not all that comes with the warmest time of year. The warmer weather beckons us to shed heavy clothing and show more skin, while invisible UV rays aremasked in warmth of the sun. This is why SPF is a crucial step in our summer skincare regimen.

Many of us may think of SPF as something we wear to the beach or if we’re going to be in the sun for long periods of time. As important as SPF is in those circumstances, it is just as important for daily use. Even just going to and from our car can subject the skin on our face, neck and arms to a world of damage. So, what are the most important things to remember when choosing a Summer SPF? Let’s cover our bases:

Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sun protection is quite popular in the US which is no surprise considering how easily accessible it is. Grocery store and drug store aisles are dominated by chemical SPF products which would lead one to believe that they are the best option. Don’t let that fool you. Physical SPF skincare products aremuch better for your skin, your body and for the environment. Here’s why:

  • The mechanism of chemical SPF is to absorb the UV rays into your skin and then, through a chemical reaction, turn them into heat to disperse them. This mechanism heats up the dermis which can cause irritation, redness and discomfort. Physical SPF bounces the light off your skin like a mirror, whichis much more effective.UV rays never absorb into the skin
  • Some Chemical SPF ingredients can be very irritating to the skin while Physical SPF is typically soothing and calming.
  • Chemical SPF works great the first time you apply it but must be washed off before reapplying if you want to get the same SPF. This is because the chemical compound in the SPF must be able to get down into the skin to work. The residue of the expired SPF gets in the way of new SPF, preventing it from working as effectively. Physical SPF can be layered without washing it off.

UVA / UVB Protection in SPF Skincare Products

You always want to use broad spectrum SPF because UV rays are different and both UVA and UVB rays have their own threats. UVB rays are the most common rays that SPF products are created to protect against. They are most prominent in the hottest months of year and the brightest hours of the day. They are responsible for burning the skin. But UVA rays are much more insidious. They are present year-round any time there is daylight. They can penetrate glass and clouds and areknown to degrade our skin’scollagen and elastin. They are also responsible for several different kinds of skin cancer. We always want to make sure our SPF protects against both. 

At jane iredale, we make a wonderful assortment of makeup and skincare SPF products to meet your needs. 


We know you’ll enjoy using all our SPF products. Let us know which is your favorite!

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Spring is here and it’s time to put away our winter neutrals and break out some of that color! That can be intimidating for people like me who tend to steer clear of colorful eye shadow palettes. What colors do I choose? Where should they go? Generally speaking, I tend to go for more neutral single shades—something a little easier and harder to mess up. So, for the month of April, I challenged myself to welcome color into my life.

Colorful Eyeshadow Looks

Spring Eye Shadow Look #1

jane iredale solar flare purepressed eye shadow palette

First I started with the Solar Flare PurePressed Eye Shadow Palette. This palette is a great balance of neutrals with a pop of color and the perfect first step to dipping my toes into this color challenge. The shades went on so smoothly and complements my complexion well. I used Sunspot on the lid, Flash on the outer corner, Cosmic for a soft liner to define the eye and Orbit for a pop of color on the lower lash line.

Spring Eye Shadow Look #2

jane iredale pink quartz purepressed eye shadow triple

Next up we had Pink Quartz PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple. The shades went so well with my eye color. This trio makes creating a look SO simple and I received so many compliments throughout the day. Pink Quartz ended up being my favorite palette of the three I tried. I paired it with Enchanted Glow Time Blush Stick for the perfect flushed look.

Spring Eye Shadow Look #3

jane iredale blue hour purepressed eye shadow triple

At first glance, Blue Hour PurePressed Triple was daunting. When I saw three shades and one of them was black, I was pretty intimidated!  But, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this trio for the first time. I started by spraying my Deluxe Shader Brush with some Hydration Spray to grab a little more pigment. Instead of using the medium shade as the base, I opted for the lightest grey/blue and framed my lids with the other remaining shades. There were so many possible combinations for a variety of looks, I realized how creative I could be!

Lesson learned: You don’t need a special occasion to wear color! I loved having an opportunity to see how these can work in everyday look and how simple applying vibrant shades can be. Giving myself the gift of color was the perfect confidence boost and now I’m ready for Spring!

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jane iredale skincare makeup system

We asked our employees how they use our Skincare Makeup System and how it fits into their makeup routine. Our 3-step system is designed to create a flawless, long-lasting and good-for-the-skin foundation base. First, start with Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer to help makeup last longer and go on smoother. Then add coverage and sun protection with our #1 best-selling PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. Finally, spritz your complexion with Pommisst Hydration Spray to help set your minerals and deliver antioxidant protection.

How to Use The Skincare Makeup System: Sami’s Routine

Sami, our Sales Operations Coordinator, shares how she uses our Skincare Makeup System:

I’ve been a PurePressed Base user since 2015 and I don’t see myself straying anytime soon (or, ever!). Whether I am getting ready for work, a date night, or some fun in the sun, I don’t leave my house without applying. I love that PurePressed Base is a 4in1 product: concealer, foundation, sunscreen and skincare. Not to mention, it is so easy and quick to apply!

Every morning after completing my daily skincare routine, I prime my skin with Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer. Aside from minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines, it truly is the best base for my pressed powder and allows my makeup to last throughout the day.

I always use The Handi Brush with my PurePressed Base in Radiantfor a full-face application, followed by the Sculpting Brush for targeted camouflaging and lastly the Flocked Sponge for added coverage under my eyes. Of course, I must end with a few (or five!) spritzes of my favorite Hydration Spray, Pommisst. Not only is the scent so refreshing, but it is designed to set the minerals and provide a smooth, skin-like finish.

After applying my foundation, I like to add a little color back to my skin. Lately my go-to combo has been the Glow Time Bronzer and Blush Sticks. Fervor provides the perfect amount of color to the apples of my cheeks and Scorch adds a beautiful, light contour.

I always find myself reaching for the PureBrow Precision Pencil in Dark Brown. I love this brow pencil because it allows me to draw in a few hair-like strokes in sparse areas. Continuing with eyes, I apply a few swipes of Beyond Lash Mascara and lastly, I grab my favorite HydroPure Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gloss in Kir Royale to apply on my lips. This entire look takes me no longer than 5 minutes to complete in the morning and leaves me feeling like an elevated version of myself.

How to Use The Skincare Makeup System:Erica’s Routine

Next, we asked Erica, our Sr. Manager of Brand Marketing and E-Commerce, to share how she uses our Skincare Makeup System in her routine:

The Skincare Makeup System is part of my everyday makeup routine. Throughout my years of using these products together, I have found the perfect combination to give me a healthy, natural glow! 

After I cleanse and moisturize, I begin with Smooth Affair Illuminating Glow Face Primer. This is the best primer of all time because it gives the most natural, subtle glow while also smoothing the appearance of my pores. Honestly, I use this by itself for truly nomakeup makeup days. Then, I apply HydroPure Tinted Serum in the shade Medium 4. This is the perfect bridge between skincare and makeup. It hydrates my skin and creates the best blurring, skin tone-evening base for my foundation.

Next, I apply the #1 best-selling PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. The combination between the dewy, skincare-infused HydroPure Tinted Serum and the light-weight mineral powder of PurePressed Base provides a natural, glowy (but not shiny), healthy look. The combination between HydroPure Tinted Serum andPurePressed Base is truly magic (not to sound dramatic, but YES, IT’S TRUE!) It looks like you have no makeup on, in the best way possible.

Then to set my whole look and to bring out even more hydrated radiance to my complexion, I use Pommisst Hydration Spray. The Hydration Spray makes PurePressed Base match my skin even more perfectly and makesmymakeup last all day long.

This routine and combination of products works for all skin tones, types and preferences. This is my holy grail, and I love to share itwith as many people as possible!

Have you tried our Skincare Makeup System yet?

Learn more about the Skincare Makeup System and its origins from founder Jane Iredale herself!

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skincare supplement routine

Are you ready to achieve your skin goals this year? It’s the new year so what better time to kickstart your supplement regimen than nowWith increased focus on fitness, saving money and other resolutions, skincare routines can be an afterthought. If you only treat the outside of the skin with topical skincare and treatments, you’re only doing 50% of the job. By feeding the skin from the inside, you are nourishing the skin over the entire body and achieving 100% skincare. Our skin researchers have you covered with their five tips to maximize results from a skincare supplement routine to help you achieve your skin goals this year.

skin accumax results

1. Consistency

Consistency is key to achieve the results you desire. Just like exercise, the more you do, the better results you see. It’s important not to give up and be patient. You may need to take your skincare supplements between 8 -12 weeks before starting to see your results. Although you may start to see results within the first 10-14 days. Missing your daily dose regularly is where your results can fall behind. Implementing more of our tips below will help make taking supplements part of your routine just like cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

2. Habit Stacking

Habit stacking is when you pair a new habit to an existing habit you already do every day. It’s an effective way of sticking to a routine and remembering to do it. Take your supplements with lunch or an evening meal and consider them as part of a nutritious and healthy meal. Research shows that taking fat soluble vitamins (A, D E) are better absorbed when taking with a main meal that contains fats or oils.

3. Phone Reminder

Another tip to remember to take your skincare supplements, is set a reminder on your phone to ensure you never forget to take your daily dose.

4. Location, Location, Location

Put your skincare supplements where you can see them. Keep them on your desk at work and take them with lunch. Or when at home keep them visible on the kitchen counter, don’t hide them in a drawer. 

5. Consider Taking a Probiotic 

Skin Youth Biome helps support the gut-skin connection and targets aging skin for a youthful complexion. One capsule per day helps balance the gut and aids in maximum absorption of the nutrients from your food and supplements. There is no need to refrigerate Skin Youth Biome. Our product is produced in a very specific way that enables it to be stored on the shelf, in your bag or on your desk at work. Bonus benefits of this supplement include supports the skin’s natural barrier, helps to reduce fine lines, supports collagen formation and immunity.

Kickstart your skincare supplement routine today by finding the right supplement for your skin. Take the Skincare Supplement Quiz now!

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the skincare makeup system

Skin. Our largest organ, and if studies are to be believed, also one of the things we notice first about each other. According to research, while we were still living in caves, we needed signs to pick healthy mates so we could bring healthy children into the world. Good skin was an important signal. Nothing much has changed!

So how does healthy skin look? Clear and moist with a matte shimmer would be my description. I asked my husband to come up with his own and all he could say was “moist.” (Glad he didn’t say anything about wrinkles!) Fortunately for us, unlike our prehistoric ancestors, we don’t have to be born with clear, moist skin with a matte shimmer, we can create it using makeup with skincare benefits. And that was how the jane iredale Skincare Makeup System was born.

What Is the Skincare Makeup System? The Origins of the Perfect Trio

skincare makeup

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

It didn’t happen all at once. The first product I put on women’s faces in medical offices, spas, trade shows and everything in between was PurePressed Base, our now iconic mineral powder — a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one. I used to counsel women to put on a moisturizer first, so the minerals would adhere to the skin better and give more even coverage. I was often asked if we had a moisturizer. More on that later.

I was still learning about the potential and benefits of PurePressed Base that was formulated without fillers and synthetics, and so I paid careful attention to how the skin looked at all stages of wearing. Because the minerals were concentrated pigment, it didn’t take much to achieve the look of clear skin. Brush them on and the skin was flawless. It still looked like skin no matter how much was applied. Also, because of the shape and overlapping nature of the mineral particles, they transferred far less than normal makeup and stayed on the skin longer. I had a dramatic example of this when I visited a Soap Opera set that was using our makeup for the actors. The makeup artists were sitting with their feet up in the control room, happily relaxed because they weren’t darting out onto the set to touch-up makeup every few minutes. They literally applauded when I walked in.

Pommisst Hydration Spray

What I also noticed about the minerals was that after a while, they would set themselves. What I mean is that as they mixed with the skin’s natural moisture, they looked better and better. No sign of a powdery look and more and more like flawless skin. While I was doing my applications, I wanted to show women that look without their having to wait for it to happen naturally. That’s when the hydration sprays were born. A quick spritz over the minerals set them perfectly as well as giving the skin that coveted “moist” look. I noticed that the spray also brought a smile to the woman’s face. A beautiful fragrance will do that, such as pomegranate. From the moment we brought out our first bottle of Pommisst Hydration Spray, it has never ceased to be one of our top sellers.

Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer

So now we have PurePressed Base and Pommisst, what about the moisturizer? Moisturizers are a bit like mascaras. Every woman has different needs and a different point of view. This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all product. So perhaps the best thing was to develop a product that was a primer. A bit like our Lash Conditioner that primes lashes before the mascara of your choice is applied. A primer that could be worn with or without a moisturizer under it.

Of course, it had to be beneficial for the skin and allow it to breathe and function normally. It also had to feel light, not sticky, prevent moisture loss, and provide a smooth surface on which the minerals could adhere. This was a formulating challenge but one we solved with Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer. I love this product. I love the way it feels, the way it smells, and the fact that I can wear it by itself and often do. It has a calming effect on the skin that never fails to work for me.

So, now we have our Skincare Makeup System, and what a powerful trio they have been. They have introduced millions of women all over the world to the joys of a clear, moist skin with that youthful matte shimmer. Our ancestors would be proud.

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Winter Skin Rescue: Foundation for Dry Skin


foundation for dry skin

This is the coldest time of the year so many of us are experiencing typical winter skin issues such as dryness, dehydration, redness and itching.  This isn’t surprising with heaters and radiators drying everything out and extra coffee-drinking to feel warm.  It’s no wonder why our skin is often in full crisis mode by February.  To make matters worse, the winter skin only makes us look older as our skin becomes more textural and our color becomes blotchier. 

Our immediate instinct is to wear makeup to even out the skin but some people may be reluctant to apply foundation with concerns of further irritation.  We can’t blame them for thinking that way.  There are a lot of foundations out there that don’t perform very well in cold weather.  Well, you’ll be pleased to know that, at jane iredale, we have some excellent winter skin foundations that you’ll be delighted with.

foundation for dry skin

What Foundation Is Best for Dry Skin?

At the top of our list is HydroPure Tinted Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and CoQ10.  If there was ever a foundation made to repair dehydrated winter skin, this is it.  We don’t have to tell you the first two key ingredients as they’re in the name but let’s talk about what they do.  

  • Hyaluronic Acid has an extraordinary ability to help skin hold on to water. As a matter of fact, it enables the epidermis to retain about 1000 times its weight in water.  This is excellent news for our dry and dehydrated friends. 
  • The next ingredient, CoQ10, addresses the free radical damage. CoQ10 is a powerful tool for collagen and elastin support so, if you’re concerned with unwanted texture, it will definitely help. 
  • There’s also Allantoin which helps tone down redness and irritation.

HydroPure can be worn as a primer under any of our powders or over one of our Smooth Affair Primers for extra glow and smoothness.  You’ll love the way it melts into skin and creates a dewy finish that lasts all day long.   Learn more about how to use HydroPure Tinted Serum.

Keep in mind that there’s no sun protection in HydroPure so we typically combine it with an SPF product for optimal results. 

The next solution we’re featuring for winter skin may surprise you because it’s actually a system that contains a powder.  There’s a misconception that all powders will dry the skin but not this one!

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation is a powder foundation that covers like a liquid, has no drying agents and features a skin-soothing formula packed with minerals and antioxidants.  Our best recommendation is to use it in The Skincare Makeup System which consists of Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer, PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation and POMMISST Hydration Spray.

  • Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer will give you a layer of hydration, create a hydrated finish and smooth out the texture of your skin.
  • PurePressed Base will soothe and calm your skin while providing a broad-spectrum SPF. It contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which are soothing and calming to even the driest skin.  Learn more in this guide to PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation.
  • POMMISST Hydration Spray will set the makeup for a long-lasting finish and give you even more hydration. Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against environmental damage and works hand in hand with your SPF.   

Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

Along with the using the best possible skin hydration products and following a hydrating makeup routine for winter, there are also a few daily practices that will optimize your skincare and makeup regimen.   

  • When doing your morning and evening skincare, never let your face get completely dry. Apply treatment serums while skin is still damp from cleansing, apply moisturizer while skin is still damp from treatment and apply primer while your skin is still damp from moisturizer.  Building your complexion on top of a layer of moisture helps keep skin more hydrated all day. 
  • Always use a Hydration Spray. After makeup application, spritz with POMMISST, Calming Lavender or D20 Hydration Spray for added moisture.  Take your Hydration Spray with you and use it throughout the day.  
  • Add an Omega to your daily supplement regimen. Omegas help your skin cells to hold water more effectively and they tone down redness in the complexion.  Our Skin Omegas from Advanced Nutrition Programme, combine Omega 3 for dryness and texture with Omega 6 for inflammation and redness.  We recommend two a day.  You’ll see the results within a few weeks of starting them. 
  • Be mindful of sugar and caffeine intake. Sugar and caffeine are two of the most inflammatory and drying substances you can put into your body.  Try to limit your coffee intake to one cup per day and replace refined sugar snacks with fruit or healthier options.  You’ll thank yourself later. 

Wearing the right foundation in winter shouldn’t be a challenge and we like to pride ourselves on giving healthier options than traditional makeup has to offer.  Remember that jane iredale formulas are made without the top sensitizers that are in traditional makeup.  This includes talc, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, synthetic perfumes and chemical SPF.  What’s left behind is high performance skincare makeup that looks as good as it feels. 

If you’re not sure which foundation or combination to choose, remember that we’re here to help.  Take our Foundation Finder Quiz to find your best shade and formula.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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3 Lip-Loving Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, a special time of year when we celebrate the love in our lives and put our passion on display with various shades of red and pink. In honor of love’s big day, I’m sharing my top picks for easy Valentine lip looks you’re sure to love.

Lip Look #1

I’m a firm believer that the most important love is self-love, so for my first pick, I’m giving myself roses – Candied Rose HydroPure Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gloss and Warm Rose Lip Pencil.

HydroPure™ Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gloss

This duo’s compatibility is off the charts with lip-loving ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil, Mango Seed Oil and Shea Butter. HydroPure Lip Gloss also gives an extra boost of hydration with Hyaluronic Acid, so my lips feel soft and ultra-kissable. I line and fill with the pencil for definition and a flood of color before topping with the tinted gloss for a healthy dose of shine. The complementary shades deliver a feminine, swoon-worthy pink lip perfect for day or (date) night.

Lip Look #2

The foundation of every great love story is great chemistry – enter pick two, Forever Pink Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain, a long-lasting stain that adjusts to your body chemistry for a truly unique hue.

This multipurpose stain really gets me, delivering the most beautiful pink tint to flatter my skin’s natural undertone. It’s a smooth operator, formulated with skin-softening Avocado Butter, Wild Rose Wax and Olive Butter, so it glides on like my favorite lip balm, only better. I love that I can also swipe it on my cheeks for a flirty flush. It’s easy, totally wearable and romantic. Remember, you don’t need a Valentine to be just-kissed.

Lip Look #3

My third and final pick really gets my heart racing! If you’re looking for commitment, look no further than Obsession Beyond Matte Lip Stain, an ultra-long-lasting stain that will never break your heart.

valentine's day lip looks

This pigment-packed stain is true to its word, delivering powerful payoff and a beyond matte finish – no feathering, no fading. One swipe is all I need to get the bold, full-coverage look I love. It’s formulated with nourishing plant oils, so my lips look matte without feeling dry, and the touch of Tahitian Vanilla makes this beauty extra sweet. I also have it on good authority that it will easily last through a full one-pound box of chocolates.

Whether you’re getting gussied up for Galentine’s dinner or retreating to the couch for your favorite rom-com, there’s a lip look for every occasion. I hope you love these as much as I do.



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Hyaluronic Acid: What’s the Hype?


hyaluronic acid skin benefits

You may have noticed the Hyaluronic Acid sensation that’s been happening in the cosmetics industry.  Now, more than ever, almost every makeup and skincare brand you can find is embracing this sensational ingredient.  Whether it be for foundations, moisturizers, serums or lip products, HA is the “it” ingredient to use.  At jane iredale, we’ve become quite fond of it ourselves using it in a variety of our products. 

So, what is all the hype about?  Well you may be surprised to hear that this isn’t just another ingredient trend.  Loaded with benefits both long term and immediate, the widespread opinion of professionals everywhere is that HA is here to stay!  Let’s look a little deeper into this extraordinary ingredient.

Where Does Hyaluronic Acid Come From?

What is hyaluronic acid and where does it come from?Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance that can be found throughout the human body from our skin to our connective tissue to our eyes.  Its main function is to retain water to keep our tissues lubricated and moist.  Because it is naturally produced within our system, it can easily be accepted when introduced to the body through products.  It can be applied topically, injected or even ingested for a variety of beneficial results. 

Something many people may not know is that HA research has been around for well over three quarters of a century.  Initially isolated by scientist Karl Meyer in 1934, one of Hyaluronic Acid’s first uses was to treat traumatic arthritis in track horses.  The first pharmaceutical-grade HA was produced in 1979 by Endre Alexander Balazs who developed an efficient method to extract and purify it for medical purposes.  But it wasn’t integrated into skincare products until the 1990s.

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid Skin Benefits

Over and above medical indications for treatment of everything from joint pain to acid reflux, Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most effective skincare treatment ingredients you can find.  Noted for its ability to attract and bind water molecules to the epidermis increasing the overall water content of the skin, research suggests that it can prompt the body to produce more collagen and elastin resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.  It enables the skin to retain 1000 times its weight in moisture making it an excellent treatment for dryness and dehydration.  And because it helps skin to stretch and flex, HA is also known to help wounds to heal faster and with less scarring. 

What makeup artists and skincare professionals love about HA is its skin smoothing qualities and its humectant ability to pull moisture from the environment and keep the skin looking beautiful and hydrated even in the driest and coldest of climates.  When applied in conjunction with any skincare routine, it can dramatically improve moisture retention and keep the skin looking more luminous. 

Hyaluronic Acid Products

Because we love this ingredient, jane iredale has integrated HA into several products that can be used in a variety of ways.  These products are:

BeautyPrep Hyaluronic Serum – For skincare, this is going to be our most straight forward use of Hyaluronic Acid that you can find within our line.  Using two distinct forms of HA, this serum helps toplump and smooth texture while soothing, hydrating and softening skin. It can be used alone or under a moisturizer part for your daily skincare regimen. Learn more about the benefits of hyaluronic acid serum.

Smooth Affair Illuminating Glow Face Primer – Primers are such an important part of makeup application as they enable makeup to go on smoother and last longer.  Because we use Hyaluronic Acid in this formula, it helps create a more hydrated and luminous finish making your complexion look even more beautiful.  It can be worn alone or under any foundation.

HydroPure Tinted Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and CoQ10 – This is our most therapeutic foundation formula and a very popular choice for anyone who wants their skin to look dewy and youthful.  By combining HA with other hydrating ingredients such as CoQ10 and Olive Squalene, it creates fresh naturallooking finish.  It can be worn alone or under one of our powders. Learn more about how to use HydroPure Tinted Serum.

HydroPure Hyaluronic Lip Gloss – In this day and age, everyone wants fuller, smoother lips.  By combining HA with plumping ingredients like Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5, you can achieve the appearance of fuller, smoother lips that stay hydrated all day.  It can be worn alone or in combination with our other lip products. Learn more about our hydrating lip gloss.

HydroPure Hyaluronic Acid Lip Treatment – In this format, we’re focusing on the reparative value of HA and combining it with Padina Algae.  This formulation is excellent for treating dry, cracked lips. The rich texture of it immediately soothes the lips while helping to stimulate collagen synthesis.  It can be worn as a lip treatment or on top of other lip products for a luminous glow. 

As technological advances continue to emerge, we eagerly anticipate even more exciting uses for Hyaluronic Acid in future products at jane iredale.  If you’re interested in seeing the benefits for yourself, stop into your local jane iredale provider or reach out to us for recommendations on which products will best meet your needs. Consider adding these products as a staple in your hydrating makeup routine for winter!  And check out our other favorite complexion-boosting, hydrating skincare ingredients.

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Hydrating Makeup Routine for Winter


hydrating makeup routine for winter

My skin is not its best self in the winter. Between the weather, the heat, and the fact that I should really remember to drink more water, I woke up on this cold January morning with very, very dry skin. (Not the New Year New Me look I was aiming for.)

Thankfully, my makeup bag has the skin-nourishing jane iredale formulas needed to revive my dull winter complexion so that I can leave my house looking glowy even if I did not wake up that way.

Prep with Hydrating Skincare

I start by prepping my face with BeautyPrep™ Hyaluronic Serum followed by BeautyPrep™ Face Moisturizer to plump my skin and give it a much-needed boost of hydration. (I cannot recommend the Hyaluronic Serum highly enough – it saves my skin in the winter.)

The Skincare Makeup System

Next, I use Smooth Affair® Brightening Face Primer to blur my pores and help my makeup last all day.

I am super pale and sunburn easily so foundation with SPF is a must year-round. My favorite SPF foundation is PurePressed® Base because it has the buildable coverage I like but still lets my skin breathe. 

I tend to apply most makeup with my fingers, but I use The Handi™ Brush for PurePressed® Base. (Pro tip from the jane iredale Educators: apply PurePressed® Base with The Handi™ Brush using downward strokes to help the minerals lay flat against your skin.)

That’s followed up with a quick spritz of POMMISST™ Hydration Spray to set the minerals.


A lot of bronzers can appear orange on my skin tone but the Glow Time™ Bronzer Stick in Sizzle blends in nicely, providing a subtle contoured look.

I add Glow Time® Blush Stick in Balmy to the apples of my cheeks for a flush of color and dust the golden highlighter shade from Moonglow Bronzer Refill across the top of my cheekbones.


PureBrow® Brow Gel

After a quick application of PureBrow® Brow Gel in Clear to tame my eyebrows, I sweep the golden highlighter shade from Moonglow Bronzer Refill onto my eyelids – it’s a great multitasker. For a bolder eye look, I add in a little Mystikol® in Dark Topaz.

Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black is my go-to mascara as it lengthens my lashes without causing irritation when I’m wearing contacts.


Just Kissed® Lip & Cheek Stain

To finish off the look, I swipe on Forever Peach Just Kissed® Lip & Cheek Stain, which successfully moisturizes my chapped winter lips and provides a subtle red tint (my favorite). One of the many things I love about the Just Kissed line is that each formula adjusts to your skin’s chemistry, creating a shade that’s unique to you.

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The PureBrow Sensation


jane iredale purebrow collection

At jane iredale, our brand is known for transcending fashion trends and social media styles.  As The Skincare Makeup, we’ve often been known for our complexion products rather than our color stories.  But the introduction of our NEW PureBrow Collection has created quite a sensation with our consumers and makeup artists alike.  Why is this new collection making such a ruckus?  The answer is simple.  We’ve once again married simplicity and performance with clean technology in a way that only jane iredale can do.  It’s the perfect way to define, shape and tame your brows like never before.  Let’s talk about this extraordinary new assortment of brow enhancing products!

Define –

The PureBrow Precision Pencil is a retractable brow pencil with an ultra-precision tip for defining the brows.  It can be used to draw individual hairs on the brows or create structured lines that can then be blended effortlessly.  The result is a brow that is exquisitely defined but never drawn on.  It’s an excellent tool for anyone who wants to address sparse brows or missing hairs.  It’s also great for creating that perfectly defined tail to the brow.  

jane iredale purebrow precision pencil

Shape –

The PureBrow Shaping Pencil is also a retractable brow pencil but in a thicker, wedge shaped format that gives you the ability to fill in the brows or shape the edges for a well finished brow with consistent depth and color.  It can be used to fill brows quickly and frame brows for a smooth finish. It is the perfect tool for anyone with thin brows or a desire to create a perfected, opaque brows.

jane iredale purebrow shaping pencil

Tame –

The PureBrow Gel is an update to our original brow gel but with a new, smaller, more precise spoolie brush for exact product placement and easy blending.  It can be used to brush brows in the direction you want them to go and hold them in place for longer wear.  It works great alone or in combination with our other brow tools.  This product also comes in a clear formula with no pigment.  It’s a great tool for those with unruly brows, grey hair in the brows that you’d like to cover or for ultra-natural looks. 

jane iredale purebrow gel

Shades –

Because we realize that people often enjoy using multiple tools on their brows, we wanted to create a system that would be interchangeable and corresponding.  Thus, we created a consistent shade assortment across the entire collection.  This means that, if you like our brow gel in Neutral Blonde, you can also purchase the Precision Pencil or Shaping Pencil in exactly the same color for a consistent look.

PureBrow Formulas –

In the true spirit of jane iredale’s mission to use the highest quality and cleanest formula, we’ve developed our PureBrow products with a wonderful assortment of ingredients. 

For both our Precision Pencils and Shaping Pencils:

Vitamin C – to help prevent brow hairs from breaking and being lost.

Vitamin E – to give antioxidant protection and coat the brows for healthy skin and hair.

For the PureBrow Gel:

Algae Extract – to coat the hairs and make them smoother and more manageable.   

Meadowfoam Seed Extract – to hydrate the hairs, give them more manageability and prevent future breakage.

And, as always, we’ve left out irritants and toxins like parabens, petroleum and phthalates.

ThPureBrow Eyebrow Makeup Look –

Right now, we’re seeing fuller brows with a well-groomed appearance.  It is best achieved by following a few simple steps:

  1. Start by making sure your eyebrows are clean and have no product or oils on them. Some professionals will even clean the brows using a cotton swab or spoolie and astringent to remove any natural oils from the brows.  It gives the brow a better ability to hold the products you’re applying.
  2. If filling in sparse brows or making them thicker, apply your pencils first to put pigment on the skin between the brows. Blend the pencil well to hide any strokes and make the brows appear thicker or more dense. 
  3. Apply our PureBrow Gel to make the brows go in the direction you’d like them go. Brushing them straight up and then then blending in the direction they grow is a typical process.  Keep in mind that, at first, the gel will be fluid and the hold wont’ be apparent.  But as the gel begins to dry, you’ll get more hold.  For dramatic brow lift, two or three layers of gel are often used.  Some artists will start with clear gel and then add a colored gel or visa versa. 
  4. Finish by using the edge of the camouflage brush to apply a thin coating of our active light concealer to the skin above and below the brow to sharpen the line of demarcation and make them pop. Blend out the edges. 

For more tips on applying brow makeup, follow our simple guide: How to Shape and Define Your Eyebrows Like a Pro.

As fashions change and repeat, an interesting occurrence happens.  Many people who tweezed their brows in one decade find they wish they could get them back in another.  Women who tweezed their brows out in the 60s and 90s are now looking to create thicker, fuller brows to look more on the current trend.  This is where a good collection of eyebrow makeup and tools becomes invaluable. 

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