For beauty conscious people, dark circles are a real menace. That’s why you should try lemon juice and Vaseline for dark circles.

What Are Dark Circles?

Lemon Juice and Vaseline for Dark Circles1

Dark circles, also known as ‘Periorbital hyperpigmentation,’ are common among both men and women. It appears in different colors, depending on the skin tone. Dark circles are not a serious issue, but they make you look older, tired, and unhealthy, that’s why many people want to fade them out. Fortunately, natural remedies and medicines are available to reduce dark circles’ appearance. However, along with the treatment, a well-balanced lifestyle is also needed.

What Causes Dark Circles?

Other than lack of quality sleep and aging, various contributing factors cause dark circles:

  • Fatigue
  • Aging
  • Eye Strain
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Frequent Eye Rubbing
  • Dehydration
  • Heredity
  • Sun Exposure
  • Excessive Pigmentation
  • Anemia
  • Allergic

Lemon Juice and Vaseline for Dark Circles

Lemon Juice and Vaseline for Dark Circles2

Try the below remedy, which is infused with the goodness of lemon juice and Vaseline, to lighten the appearance of your under-eye dark circles.


  • 3-5 Drops of Lemon Juice
  • Small Dollop of Vaseline
  • Cotton Balls
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Facial Tissue
  • Spoon


  1. Combine a small dollop of Vaseline and 3-5 drops of lemon juice into a mixing bowl.
  2. Now, apply it gently and carefully on the dark circles’ affected area using a cotton ball.
  3. Leave it for 25-30 minutes and clean it using facial tissue.
  4. After that, wash your face with cold water followed by a skin moisturizer.
  5. Repeat this method twice a day, up to 2-3 weeks, to notice positive results.


  • Don’t let the above mixture get into your eyes. Unfortunately, if it happens, wash them with lots of tap water and contact the doctor immediately.

Dark Circles Prevention

Along with using the above remedy to fade out the dark circles, it’s vital to prevent their further occurrence. That’s why follow the below tips:

  • Get quality sleep and live a stress-free life.
  • Before going outside, always wear UV protection sunglasses & apply sunscreen around the eyes, as overexposure to sun rays causes dark circles.
  • Smoking and alcohol stimulate the aging process, which is responsible for dark circles, that’s why avoid them for good.
  • Avoid constant rubbing of your eyes to prevent dark circles.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above article, you’ll get to know how to use lemon juice and Vaseline to get rid of dark circles along with some tips. Besides, applying aloe vera gel overnight removes dark circles as well.

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Olive oil is a wonderful staple because of its various benefits for health as well as skin, but is olive oil comedogenic? Find out!

Olive oil is made by pressing whole olives, which is the fruit of Olea europaea. It’s used as a cooking ingredient in almost every household these days. Olive oil is a popular ingredient in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps, fuel for traditional lamps, etc. But despite its beneficial properties, is olive oil comedogenic? If it happens to be comedogenic, people with oily skin might want to spare the natural ingredient.

What Does Comedogenic Mean?

Is Olive Oil Comedogenic1

The word ‘Comedogenic’ means tending to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin. It’s the capacity of a food or product to clog the pores on your skin and causing skin damage. Clogged pore, in turn, leads to acne breakouts and other skin problems to arise due to imbalanced oil content in the skin.

Is Olive Oil Comedogenic?

Is Olive Oil Comedogenic2

Olive Oil is moderately Comedogenic; hence, it might enhance the taste and feel of your food, but it is not great for your skin, especially if you’ve oily skin.

This undiluted vegetable oil can clog your pores, and the dead skin cells will be trapped in your skin instead of being shed. Clogged pores can cause several skin problems, especially blackheads, whiteheads, zits, and acne. In its pure form, Olive oil is graded two on the Comedogenic Scale, which is not the worst for your skin but is not the best either.

What Is Comedogenic Scale?

A comedogenic scale shows the rating, which ranges from 0 to 5 to depict the ability of the oil to clog your pores.

Scale Break down

Grade 0: Safest for the Skin

The oils with grade 0 on the list are safe and healthy for the skin. The chances of them clogging the pores almost don’t exist. Example – Hemp Seed Oil, Abyssinian Seed Oil, etc.

Grade 1: Minor to Almost No Risk

Oils with grade 1 on the list have minimal chance of causing any skin problems. There are several oils with grade 1, which are great to heal multiple skin problems. Scroll down to learn more about these Non-Comedogenic oils.

Grade 2: Can Cause Impurities

Oils having grade 2, such as Olive oil, are moderately harmful. These oils can clog the pores and cause impurities in the form of acne and blackheads. Thus, it’s wise if you use them in moderation and avoid altogether if you have oily skin.

Grade 3: High Risk of Affecting the Skin

All oils that fall under grade 3 can put your skin at high risk. These oils have a decent chance of causing inflammation. Example – Carrot Seed Oil

Grade 4: Harmful for skin

Higher the grade, the higher the chances of skin damage. Oils that have a rating of 4 are extremely toxic for your skin. Example – Flax Seed Oil (Linseed)

Grade 5: Dangerous to Use

These oils are the most dangerous for your skin and have almost a 100% chance of causing a breakout.

Note: The effect of the oil depends upon additional factors like the type of your skin, whether it is oily, dry, combination, or sensitive. It also depends upon the quantity of the oil you use on your skin.

Non-Comedogenic Oils

1. Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Excellent for hair and skin, Almond oil is a promising ingredient for fighting dandruff and boosting the growth of your hair. Enriched with Vitamin A and E, the oil helps in providing the right nourishment to chapped lips, dry hands, and cracked heels.

2. Argan Oil

Argan oil can eliminate acne, acne scars, stretch marks, and dry skin. This oil comprises properties that moisturize your skin and improves skin elasticity. Furthermore, argan oil is a good source of nutrition not only for your skin but for nails and hair as well.

3. Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is an excellent non-comedogenic oil for skin and is a popular ingredient in many household products. It helps in treating acne and acne scar. Organic castor oil also has the potential to repair sunburned skin. It’s also useful to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Sunflower Seed Oil

This non-comedogenic oil is considered promising for all skin types. Rich in Vitamin E, Sunflower seed oil protects the skin by helping it retain moisture. The anti-inflammatory properties make the oil especially beneficial for dry skin.

5. Safflower Oil

Is Olive Oil Comedogenic3

Great for eczema, Safflower Oil is rated low on the comedogenic scale. Under grade one, this oil works tremendously on acne-prone skin and skin irritations. It heals inflamed skin as well.

6. Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil works excellent for acne-prone skin and treats the breakouts. It also gives you soft and supple skin. This oil can be used to heal wounds and for lightening skin tone.

7. Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil

The rosehip seed oil has rating one on the comedogenic scale. It’s great for hydrating and moisturizing the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of oil reduce redness and calm irritation. Rosehip oil can fade the appearance of post-surgical scars.


Olive oil is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. It has numerous health benefits but is not going to do much good for your skin. It is moderately comedogenic, so it might not be the best for your skin but can be highly beneficial if used wisely.

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Is a face toner part of your normal day-to-day skincare routine? If it is not, that is more common than you may think as most people don’t think using a toner is necessary or perhaps don’t even know what it is.

However, using a face toner as part of your skincare routine does indeed have a lot of fantastic benefits for the skin and can be a game-changer in your skincare. If you feel like the other products you are using and not working as well as they are supposed to, it could be because you are failing to incorporate a toner into your routine.

Face toners are characteristic of their thin consistency which is similar to regular water. They are lightweight and don’t add any heaviness or greasiness to your skin. Since the world of face toners can be confusing, today we’re going to explore the 10 best natural and organic face toners that each have a wide variety of benefits.

We’re also going to discuss common FAQs about face toners, typical toxic ingredients found in most conventional face toner, and how you can choose the best natural and organic face toner for your skin type.

The 10 Best Natural and Organic Toners:

1. Beauty by Earth Face Toner

Beauty by Earth Face Toner

This refreshing and gentle face toner is made with Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Rose Petal Water, Natural Glycerin, Organic Aloe Vera, and Organic Cucumber. They never use any toxic and harmful ingredients such as parabens, gluten, soy, or harsh alcohols.

2. Sky Organics Organic Lavender Witch Hazel Toner

Sky Organics Organic Lavender Witch Hazel Toner

This is a certified organic face toner that combines the powerful yet soothing ingredients of lavender essential oil and witch hazel. It is meant to calm, refresh, and rehydrate your skin while cleansing and moisturizing at the same time.

3. Melixir Vegan Balancing Toner  Organic Green Tea Extract

Melixir Vegan Balancing Toner  Organic Green Tea Extract

This is an all-natural facial toner that is made with 100% green tea extract. It will reduce any redness on the skin and also treat inflammation. Plus, dullness of the skin and uneven skin texture is no match for this pure and one-ingredients green tea toner. It is ideal for all skin types including regular, combination, acne-prone, sensitive, dry, etc.

4. THAYERS Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner

THAYERS Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner

Perhaps the most common and well-known natural face toner on the market, THAYERS is a known and trusted brand that has been used for generations for toning and taking care of the skin. It cleanses, tones, and moisturizes the skin at the same time. Their specific witch hazel proprietary extract, contains 195% more tannins than competitors, making it the best witch hazel toner you can buy.

5. Era Organics Face Toner Spray

Era Organics Face Toner Spray

We really love the idea of this face toner because it comes in a spray and not in a bottle that has to be poured and then applied with a cotton pad. It makes it just a little bit easier for people that are looking for something super simple. With ingredients like aloe, rose water, apple cider vinegar, and bergamot extract this toner can help with making your skin softer, fighting acne, dry skin, aging, cleansing skin, and minimizing the appearance of pores.

6. PURA D’OR USDA Organic Rose Water Toner

PURA D’OR USDA Organic Rose Water Toner

If you are looking to control excess oil, make your skin clearer, moisturize your skin, make your skin look more youthful, and make your skin stronger and healthier overall, you are going to want to give this rosewater toner a try, it is certified organic by the USDA and it is made with only one simple, wholesome, and pure ingredient…roses! So, not only is this toner going to smell amazing, but it also couldn’t get any healthier than this.

7. Nourish Organic Refreshing Skin Toner

Nourish Organic Refreshing Skin Toner

Certified USDA organic and made with pure and natural ingredients, you cannot go wrong with this face toner. You are not going to find any parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sulfates, artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives, silicones, mineral oil, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, or EDTA. But you will find pure and healthy ingredients like aloe, rose flower water, witch hazel, yeast, and glycerin.

8. Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner

Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner

Fruit stem cell complex, vitamin C, and aloe vera polysaccharides are used in this special face toner is to make your skin feel refreshed and hydrated at the same time. It can also boost the circulation in your skin, balance the skin’s pH level, improve the texture and tone of the skin while illuminating and making your skin glow like it never has been able to before! Your skin is going to look dewy, flawless, and free from signs of aging.

9. Honey Girl Organics Facial Toner

Honey Girl Organics Facial Toner

Honey Girl Organic Face Toner purifies, moisturizes, and refreshes your skin and gives your skin the perfect glow after application and doing to rest of your skincare routine. Not only does it help with that, but it is also going to fight signs of aging, reduce puffiness of the skin, and help stimulate the blood flow in your face. This face toner is beneficial for dry skin and oily skin.

10. Organic Face & Body Toner by Herbal Choice Mari

Organic Face & Body Toner by Herbal Choice Mari

This is a certified organic toner that you cannot just use on your face but you can use it on your entire body as well, which we think it pretty awesome! It is made for all skin types and is 100% Chemical Free, SLS and Detergent Free, Paraben Free, and Preservative Free. It is rich in antioxidants and helps to balance the pH level in your skin. It is also so gentle that it can be used on the most sensitive skin. It also comes in spray form making it easy for application on the face and body.

Buyers Guide

Since so many people don’t know about face toners and what their actual benefits are for the skin, we are going to go into quite a bit of detail regarding face toners, what they are, how to use them, and clear up any confusion surrounding using toners.

This buyers guide is a great way to begin your journey to using and finding face toners that would be highly beneficial for your skin and give you some of the healthiest skin you’ve had in your whole life.

Ingredients to avoid in a conventional face toner

While there will be more than five ingredients you will want to skip out on when buying a face toner, these five common face toner ingredients are ones you most definitely want to avoid.

In order to learn more about ingredients, you should avoid in common skincare products, you can check out our blog post on The Dirty dozen ingredient list that was created by the EWG Skin Deep database.

  • Alcohols: many toners contain very high levels and concentrations of alcohol comma which is something you need to avoid in your face toner. too much alcohol is going to cause redness and irritation to the skin, which can actually make your skin worse particularly if you suffer from bad acne. Too much alcohol is going to reduce the sebum in your skin too much, which is going to lead to dull and dry skin that is painful.
  • Benzoyl peroxide: another common offender in many conventional faced toners is this ingredient. It is considered an anti-acne ingredient. While it can reduce the number of bacteria on the skin which causes acne, using a toner with too high a concentration will wind up leading to peeling skin and also accelerate signs of aging.
  • Fragrance: fragrance is an ingredient that appears on our must avoid list pretty much every time, and fragrance and perfume is commonly found in face toner as well. Fragrance is an issue because there can be thousands of chemicals lurking in this one ingredient period to learn more about fragrances and there are dangers read our blog post here.

How to buy the best natural and organic face toner for your skin type

As with any other natural and organic product, beauty is on your face or body, there are a few simple rules to follow when trying to buy the best organic and natural face toner for your skin. It can go without mention that you should avoid the three ingredients we discussed in the section above as well as the ingredients on The Dirty dozen list.

There are a few other key tips for finding the best natural and organic options that you can keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to try to find brands that use minimal and simple ingredients you know and recognize. Healthy and wholesome ingredients like aloe, essential oils, botanical extracts, veggie extracts, and other natural ingredients such as these are the main ingredients you want your face toner.

If that ingredient list is starting to sound like a complex science manual, you are going to want to skip out on that and try to find a different alternative.

Since there are so many different kinds of face toner available that all do different things for your skin, try to find natural and organic options for skin issues that you are looking to address.

For instance, if you have oily skin and acne, go for a toner with special ingredients to fix those issues. If you are looking for anti-aging properties and glowing skin, there are loads of options to choose from in that category.


What are the benefits of a face toner?

There are three main benefits to using a face toner and they are as follows:

  1. Remove impurities from your skin – a toner can remove bacteria, dirt, and traces with makeup from your skin after you cleanse your face. A face cleanser is not going to get rid of everything, so following up with a face toner will ensure you are removing all of those toxins and pollutants from your skin.
  2. It protects your skin – many people will use a toner to help reduce the look of their pores. But a more long-term beneficial aspect is a toner will close up any open gaps in your skin cells. This will ensure bacteria and particles cannot as easily enter your skin and cause skin issues and irritations.
  3. Helps your other skincare products work better –  using a toner after cleansing your face will help your other skincare products work more efficiently and effectively. It will help your other skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin.

Is it ok to use face toner every day?

This is highly dependent on your skin type and the type of toner you were using. However, overall, most toners are gentle enough to use on your skin every day. But if you are experiencing any issues or feeling as though using a face toner is what is causing new skin issues, you may either want to try a different product or only use your toner every other day or a couple of times per week to see if it makes a difference.

How to use face toner?

You will want to use your face toner right after you cleanse your face. The rule of thumb is to apply skincare products from lightest to heaviest. Toner has a water-like consistency, so that is the first course of action. Toner is applied before serums, moisturizers, creams, etc.

Final Thoughts

Overall, including a toner into your daily, or weekly, skincare routine is a great way to boost the power and efficiency of the other skincare products you use. There are so many types of toners to choose from to help with pretty much any skin condition you want to improve such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, redness, and tons more. Choosing one of the above 10 best naturals and organic toners is the perfect place to start and you can feel safe and good about using them on your face. If you give any of them a try, let us know!

This article was last updated on June 29, 2021 .

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Face scrubs are an ideal way to gently exfoliate your skin, make it soft, smooth, and even. When you choose an all-natural and organic face scrub, instead of the scrub using synthetic particles to create the gritty texture, natural options are used instead. These options can include ingredients like salt, sugar, seeds, baking soda, clays, plant and flower pieces, coffee, and so much more.

Not only does using a face scrub leave your skin soft and glowing, but it also helps with, acne, clearing out pores of oils and debris, resurfacing your skin, improving skin’s texture, and even helps with buffing away fine lines and wrinkles.

However, you need to keep in mind you should avoid all of those chemical and synthetic face scrubs and go for the natural and organic options. These are not only better for your skin, but they are better for the environment as well.

Today, we are going to take a look at the 10 best natural and organic face scrubs you can buy! We will also go over ingredients you need to avoid in face scrubs, how to buy the best natural scrubs, FAQs regarding face scrubs, and our overall thoughts on using scrubs on your face on a regular basis.

The 10 Best Natural and Organic Face Scrubs:

1. Beauty by Earth Face Scrub

Beauty by Earth Face Scrub

This is a face scrub and a face cleanser is one, which is super awesome because you get to kill two birds with one stone while also saving heaps of money. With ingredients like aloe, bamboo powder, fruit and flower extracts, green tea, and a revitalizing blend of pure essential oils you are going to be left with a clean face that is free of dead and dry skin, blackheads, and other skin imperfections when used regularly.

2. Era Organics Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub & Face Exfoliator

Era Organics Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub & Face Exfoliator

The main ingredients in this face mask include wholesome and skin-loving ingredients like Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Walnut and powerful Vitamin C. All of these ingredients combine to help make your skin more balanced, toned, pimple and blackhead free, and so much more.

This is gentle enough to use on an everyday basis so you can get the best-looking skin possible every single day. Since you can use it every day, it is a good option if you have dry skin that seems to dry out on a regular basis. This will help buff away all that dry looking skin.

3. Dr. Organic Purifying Gentle Face Scrub with Organic Tea Tree Oil

Dr.Organic Purifying Gentle Face Scrub with Organic Tea Tree Oil

Made with select organic and natural ingredients the goal of this face scrub is to naturally reveal healthier looking and feeling skin. They pack this scrub with a ton of pure essential oils, plus you never have to worry about any of the following ingredients lurking in this face scrub: parabens, SLS, artificial colors, phthalates, petroleum, glycols, DEA, BHT, mineral oils, and silicones.

4. Viking Beauty Secrets Certified Organic Exfoliating Face Scrub

Viking Beauty Secrets Certified Organic Exfoliating Face Scrub

This is a certified organic oil to milk face scrub is made with special ingredients like Rowanberry, raspberry seed oil, and Icelandic black volcanic sand. These ingredients help to gently exfoliate your skin while replenishing it with loads of nutrients that the raspberry seed oil and rowanberry provide. Raspberry seed oils also contain high levels of powerful antioxidant which is great for protecting your skin from a variety of environmental factors.

5. Andalou Naturals Clear Skin Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub

Andalou Naturals Clear Skin Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub

Argan stem cell, willow bark, and aloe vera are just three of the key ingredients you are going to find in this face scrub along with bright and refreshing lemon. It gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin and the willow bark and lemon help to control oily skin that can often lead to breakouts.

Even if you don’t have breakouts from oily skin, controlling the face shine is easily done with this lemon scrub. This face scrub is free from THC, Phthalates, Gluten, Silicones, Sulfates, and Parabens. It is also cruelty-free and non-GMO Project Verified.

6. DERMA-E Purifying Daily Facial Detox Scrub

DERMA-E Purifying Daily Facial Detox Scrub

This is a daily detox scrub you can feel comfortable using on your face every day without any skin issues or irritation. Activated charcoal can absorb 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities while helping remove toxins from the surface of the skin. Apricot Seed Powder is a gentle exfoliator and washes away micropollutants, and Green Tea gives your skin a seriously potent antioxidant defense from environmental pollutants. This scrub is perfect for acne-prone skin and for preventing breakouts.

7. Thann Oatmeal Face Scrub – Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Thann Oatmeal Face Scrub - Exfoliating Facial Scrub

For super glowing and radiant skin, you are going to want to check out this oatmeal face scrub. It is a bit on the pricier side, but it can gently remove dirt, dead skin cells, and lots of other impurities that can settle deep within your pores.

A handful of the powerful ingredients you will find in this scrub are vitamin E-rich rice bran oil, organic camellia oil, and marshmallow extracts, which all work together to leave your skin with the silkiest soft finish. Of course, the addition of the oats makes for the perfect soft and gentle exfoliator which is not going to cause any damage or irritation to your skin.



Manua honey, walnut, and five different highly moisturizing oils, this is like a luxe spa day in one single jar of face scrub, really! It exfoliates, detoxifies, clarifies, nourishes, and hydrates. The scrub has a unique creamy soft feel and texture that feels like creamy velvet on your skin. It is a naturally fresh and nutty scent that is ideal for nearly everyone. This is even a great option for men who want something that feels a little less feminine.

9. Sukin Organics Revitalizing Facial Scrub

Sukin Organics Revitalizing Facial Scrub

This is a cream-based exfoliator that is really great for normal to dry skin types. It uses walnut shell powder and bamboo for the exfoliating ingredients. The addition of the Aloe vera, chamomile, and jojoba will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated all at the same time. Just as the name of the product suggests, your skin is going to feel fresh and revitalized after each use!

10. Andalou Naturals CannaCell X.Foliate Scrub

Andalou Naturals CannaCell X.Foliate Scrub

Andalou Naturals makes this botanical-based exfoliating scrub that is made with unique ingredients like CannaCell hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil, and pure plant essential oils to help give a complexion that glows and looks incredibly healthy. CannaCell is a “superpowered antioxidants cultivated from hemp stem cells help defend against free radicals and counteract premature aging due to oxidative damage, pollution, and UV sun exposure.”

Toxic ingredients to avoid in face scrubs

As with all other products you use on your face there are many ingredients you need to avoid when selecting a face scrub. These are a handful of the most common ingredients that are often found in conventional face scrubs:

While this is not a comprehensive list of ingredients you should be avoiding, making sure these are not in your face scrub is a really good start. You also want to try to avoid face scrubs that don’t have natural exfoliating particles in them. For instance, some cheap conventional face scrubs will use microbeads to exfoliate the skin instead of natural options like bamboo powder or sugar. These are bad for your skin since they are generally made from plastics, but they are also super bad for the environment because they will never break down.

From there, these teeny tiny microbeads will make their way into water supplies, animal habitats, the ocean, and so much more.

How to find the best natural and organic face scrubs

In order to find the best natural and organic face scrubs, you should avoid all of the ingredients we listed above. These ingredients are some of the most dangerous chemicals you could find in a face scrub, so the list is a super good place to start.

You can save the list of ingredients to your phone so if you are ever out and about at a store and cannot easily review the ingredients online compared to this article, you can quickly double-check the ingredients.


When should you use a face scrub?

It will depend on the kind of face scrub you have. Some face scrubs are gentle enough to use on an everyday basis while other scrubs are only meant to be used on the face one to two times per week. The best way to determine how often to use your face scrub is to look at the directions on the package. If it says it is a daily use scrub then you are good to use it every day. If it does not, limit it to a couple of times per week.

Do facial scrubs damage your skin?

If you are using the right kind of face scrub for your skin, it has healthy ingredients, you use it as directed, and don’t scrub your face too hard with it, overall, face scrubs are not bad for your face or your skin. If you have particularly sensitive and fragile skin, it may be best to stay clear from these types of products. However, overall, most people will not have to worry about any significant issues.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, heaps of awesome reasons why you should include an organic, all-natural, and high-quality face scrub into your weekly routine, or your daily routine if you decide to use an everyday face scrub option.

But you always need to remember that using safe, natural, and healthy face scrubs and skipping ones loaded with chemicals, toxic ingredients, and synthetic microbeads to exfoliate the skin are all simple steps to creating a cleaner beauty and skincare routine.

Whether you are looking for glowing and bright skin, a more youthful appearance without fine lines or wrinkles, or less acne and clearer pores, any of the above 10 best natural and organic face scrubs we discussed are going to leave your face looking and feeling its absolute best.

This article was last updated on June 29, 2021 .

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Bath bombs make a great addition to your bath, but only if they are the natural and organic kind. Regular bath bombs are many with many toxic and unhealthy ingredients like SLS, artificial fragrances, synthetic colors, and so much more.

Thankfully, Zion Health makes a super healthy and natural option – their ancient clay hydrating bath bombs with rose oil and bergamot oil.

Today, we are going to take a deeper look into the ingredients of this bath bomb, what the benefits are, how to use it, and our final thoughts on Zion Health’s bath bomb!

The Ingredients

Zion Health Ancient Clay Hydrating Bath Bombs with Rose and Bergamot Oil Ingredients

We really love the fact these bath bombs are made with simple and natural ingredients you can recognize right away. As we discussed, so many bath bombs are filled with really terrible and toxic ingredients, so finding an alternative that is so clean is super awesome.

The ingredients you will find in these ancient clay bath bombs include the following:

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Ionic Clay Minerals (Kanwa), Canola Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Rosa Canine (Rose) Flower Oil, Water.

It truly could not get purer and more natural than that!

The Benefits

Zion Health Ancient Clay Hydrating Bath Bombs with Rose and Bergamot Oil Benefits

While you might think bath bombs are just something pretty and fun to use in your bath, depending on the ingredients, they can actually have some really amazing benefits.

In this bath bomb, the addition of ionic clay minerals, fruit oil, flower oil, and canola oil is great for your skin.

Canola Oil had tons of vitamins like E and K. It can also help reduce skin issues like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and spots. Overall, it is great for antiaging.

Bergamot oil is a natural cleanser to help cleanse your skin thoroughly in the bath. It is known to help with oily skin, unclogging pores, and balancing sebum levels, which help with controlling acne all over the body since you are using it in a bath.

Rose flower oil is excellent for moisturizing dry skin both in and out of the bath. It is also antiseptic and astringent to help treat and improve acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties help treat redness and inflammation caused by acne and other skin conditions.

How to Use

Using a bath bomb could not be simpler. Fill your bath with warm water, but not water that is scalding hot. Drop one bath bomb into the tub filled with water. You can either let the bomb fix and dissolve fully before getting into the bath or you can enter the bath as it is still fizzing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we love these bath bombs from Zion Health because the ingredients just could not get any better and more natural. They smell great but are not too fragranced, contain skin-loving ingredients, and dissolve well in the bath!

If you decide to try out these bath bombs, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you would buy them again.

This article was last updated on May 12, 2021 .

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What is the clip-in bun?

The Luxy Hair clip-in bun is your hair bun, but better. 

We’re giving lazy a whole new meaning so you can achieve that effortless model-off-duty look instantly. Whether it’s a Sunday, workday, or any day in between, the perfect messy bun is the ultimate lazy girl hairstyle. Our 100% remy human hair clip-in buns guarantee an effortless tousled messy bun every single time. No fussing required.

Messy bun hair piece

It’s perfect for you if…

  • Your natural bun is small and thin
  • You want an easy way to transform second or third day hair
  • You want a perfect, natural messy bun every time
  • You have layered hair and short hairs stick out of your messy bun
  • You’re tired of fussing and primping with your buns 
  • You work from home and need to amp up your Zoom looks
  • You’re lazy AF


What hair type is the clip-in bun suitable for?

The Luxy Hair clip-in bun is designed to make small, thin buns bigger and more voluminous. Therefore, the ideal hair type for the bun extension is thin to medium with not a lot of hair strands. Your hair should also be long enough to tie up into a small bun. If you have shorter hair, you can also section half your hair up into a top knot. This will ensure that the clip-in bun can completely cover your natural bun. 

Can’t I use regular hair extensions to get the same effect?

You could…but we knew there was a better way. If you were to use regular clip-in wefts, you would have to strategically place the wefts and style them to achieve a natural looking messy bun, and well, isn’t the whole point of a messy bun to do as little primping as possible? The clip-in bun is an easy peasy way to do the littlest. 

Messy bun hair piece

What’s the difference between the Luxy Hair clip-in bun and other bun extensions on the market?

Luxy Hair offers the only 100% remy human hair bun extension on the market. This means you will achieve the most natural look every time. All other bun extensions are made with synthetic hair, which is made from a variety of plastics and other fake fibres that are generally stiff, coarse to the touch, too shiny, and move differently from human hair. We also painstakingly designed this bun to look as effortless, modern, and easy, unlike other clip-in buns out there, which we felt looked forced, old fashioned, and unnatural.

What length and weight does it come in?

The Luxy Hair clip-in bun comes in a standard 14 inch length and 60 gram weight.

Messy bun hair piece

How does the clip-in bun stay in without falling off?

We took movement into consideration when designing the clip-in bun, so you can even flaunt your hair in front of your gym crush. The bun extension features four combs on either side of the netting inside the bun, which securely latch under the base of your natural bun. Plus, it has a drawstring pull system that tightens the bun to make sure it stays put—whether you’re deadlifting or Netflixing. 

Messy bun hair piece

Will it be obvious that I am wearing a bun hair piece?

Girl, no! We specifically designed the clip-in bun with our own needs in mind, because we just couldn’t find a natural looking messy bun extension solution out there. 

The Luxy Hair clip-in bun is the only bun extension on the market made with 100% human hair so that it blends seamlessly with your natural hair. We also went through multiple variations in the size of the bun before landing on a final design that isn’t too large or overly bulky. Our bun is designed with hair strands of various lengths that you can tuck and style as you please, just like your natural hair, to finish off the look. 

How do I choose the right bun?

To achieve the best match, match the clip-in bun to the mid-length color of your hair (the part that will be visible right above the bun when clipped in.) You can also get creative and wear a bun of a completely different hair colour! Each bun comes with a tester weft so you can be sure you’re satisfied with the color and quality of hair before committing to it. 

Messy bun hair piece

What does the clip-in bun come with?

Your full package will include:

  • 1 clip-in bun
  • 2 bobby pins (black, brown or blonde depending on the color family of the bun)
  • Luxy Hair little pink box to store the bun extension in.

Will the bun extension give me a headache or hurt my scalp?

We designed the clip-in bun to feel as lightweight as possible while still remaining secure and comfortable, however, if not applied correctly, you may feel pulling or tugging. Just play around and find the best placement and fit for you!

Messy bun hair piece

Will it damage my natural hair?

Nope! Like all Luxy Hair extensions products, we designed the clip-in bun in such a way that your natural hair will not be damaged. Because the bun extensions sits atop your natural hair bun and simply envelopes it, there is no possibility of damage. 

How long does it take to apply?

The clip-in bun is designed to throw your hair up and call it a day. It’s a one-step solution to getting a fuller bun, with no fussing and primping. Watch the video below to see how you can achieve your messy bun dreams instantly.

Messy bun hair piece

Do I need to wash it?

Unlike regular clip-in hair extensions, the clip-in bun hair piece sits on top of your natural hair. This means it does not come in contact with scalp and natural hair oils, and doesn’t need to be washed often. Only wash the bun extension if there is too much product buildup. Be sure to brush the hair piece first with a Loop Hair Extensions Brush, and use gentle alcohol and sulfate-free hair products before air-drying.

How long does it last?

If cared for properly, the clip-in bun should last you up to a year or longer, as it is made from 100% remy human hair. 

Messy bun hair piece

Can I get it cut?

You shouldn’t need to, as the clip-in bun is designed with hair strands of various lengths to look as natural as possible, but if you wish, you can get it cut by a professional hairstylist. Be sure to wear the bun extension to your appointment. 

Can I dye it?

Yes! Because the bun hair piece is made from human hair, it can be dyed darker like your natural hair by a professional hairstylist. We don’t recommend bleaching it, however, as this could cause damage to the hair. 

Messy bun hair piece

Can I heat style it?

Yes! Just be sure to use a heat protectant spray before heat styling and to use a low heat setting of 120C/250F to protect the hair.

Pro tip:

Straighten the hanging hair strands before clipping the bun in for easier styling. 


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We’ve been seeing more man buns than ever lately. Be it the lack of hairdresser access during lockdown or just a resurgence of the trend, there has been an undeniable rise in this long and shaggy hairstyle. While the man bun certainly has a loyal fan base, others are not as happy with its return.

Man buns have been a controversial hairstyle ever since they first gained popularity in the 2010s. Due to their association with hipster or slacker culture, there are plenty of man bun haters out there. The hairstyle became associated with the Silicon Valley tech bro and was parodied in TV shows like Black Mirror and Family Guy.

However, there has been growing interest in men’s hairstyles in the past few years. Internet searches for men’s locks have actually been 6% higher than women’s hair searches, with questions like “how to grow a man bun” and “how to tie a man bun” among the most common. For those of us who love a good man bun, the increase of long-haired hotties has us jumping for joy. The style includes many different variations, from the sleek and sophisticated top knot to the rugged and messy low bun. There’s even man bun and beard combinations, as well as edgy spiked buns. We’re loving the style so much that we’re even introducing Luxy Hair clip-in buns.

Whether you’re looking for man bun inspiration, or just want to scroll through some long-haired cuties, we’ve put together a list of the best celebrity man buns. These guys prove that the man bun is not dead.

Jason Momoa

Hunky Jason Momoa has made his mark in Hollywood with roles in Aquaman and Conan The Barbarian. Not to mention his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. The actor is also known for his gorgeous locks, which he often wears tied up to keep out of his face. He has even been frequently spotted wearing a scrunchie around his wrist. Here, he sports a man bun and proves he just might be the king of this style.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell shows that man buns come in all shapes and sizes with this under-cut and bun combination. An undercut has tightly-shaved sides that are cut underneath each side of the natural parting, with the top layers remaining unchanged. The eye-catching style, which the actor wore in back in 2013, leaves just enough hair for a small top knot. He dresses up the style with a classic suit and tie, plus an earring (because why not?).

A$AP Rocky

Rapper and producer A$AP Rocky rocks a braided man bun look here, tying his braids back out of his face to create a pony-bun hybrid look. Well-known for his hip-hop music and collaborations in the fashion world with big names such as Dior, Adidas, and Ferragamo, A$AP is always at the cutting edge of style, and his hair is no exception.

Jared Leto

Blue-eyed angel Jared Leto keeps it cool and casual with a low, slicked-back man bun while walking down the street. The actor, who is known for roles in My So-Called Life, Fight Club, Requiem For a Dream, and Dallas Buyers Club, as well as being the lead singer for band 30 Seconds to Mars, is actually a pioneer of the trend in Hollywood. He shows that a low man bun is a great alternative to the classic style. Leto’s iconic bun expresses a relaxed, carefree vibe perfect for more low-key occasions. Not to mention that he’s making the fanny pack look very cool.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mini man bun is scoring all the points this season. The soccer star normally likes to play the field with his hair, but we’re especially liking this style. He wears his grown out hair in a small bun on top of his head and pairs it with an undercut, making him ready for action. This look takes the man bun hairstyle into a sporty direction.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ man bun is one of the most-Googled celebrity hairstyles of all time, with millions of internet searches. The former One Direction singer and rock star has worn the style a few times over the years, much to the delight of his many fans. He once even tied up his hair onstage, which nearly broke the internet. Here, he wears his glorious curls tied up in a glorious up-do for a classic man bun.

Brad Pitt

Behold, the red carpet man bun, perfected by none other than Brad Pitt. The Hollywood A-lister has rocked many hairstyles over the years, but this sleek-yet-messy bun is among the best. The low-maintenance style is perfect for men on the go, whether paired with a tuxedo or sweats.

Jake Gyllenhaal

The man bun/beard combination worn by actor Jake Gyllenhaal takes the style back to its hipster roots. Gyllenhaal is reportedly such a fan of the hairstyle that he even requested to wear the man bun in his Nightcrawler role. This look requires some patience to grow hair out to the right length, but it’s well worth it in the end. For those who want instant length, our hair extensions can help you grow out your style in moments.

Justin Bieber

Never one to shy away from a controversial haircut, The Biebs sports a messy man bun with the hair pulled up on top and the rest left loose. The disheveled ‘do might be relatively small, but it’s definitely full of potential.

David Beckham

David Beckham’s man bun might be even more famous than his skills on the soccer field. The athlete sleeks all of his hair back in a spiked bun, providing an edgy twist. He leaves the ends of his ponytail sticking out on top to achieve the style.

Brock O’Hurn

American model, actor, and fitness trainer Brock O’Hurn might just have one of the most majestic man buns we’ve ever seen. Here, he pulls his long locks back into a messy, textured bun for a casual yet stylish look. The dapper suit and bow-tie are just the cherry on top.

Joe Odagiri

Japanese actor and musician Joe Odagiri is known as a bit of a rebel due to his edgy fashion and style choices. His killer man bun is no exception. Here, he rocks the style with a relaxed, low bun and beard combination.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik, another former One Directioner, tries his hand at the man bun with this undercut style. While Zayn might have parted ways with the boy band, his hairstyle continues to evolve and go through dramatic changes. Hopefully he keeps the man bun around!

Orlando Bloom

An early pioneer of the man bun, young Orlando Bloom was often wearing his hair pulled back in a sleek knot. The Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings actor might keep his hair a bit more clean cut these days, but here’s hoping he brings the bun back at some point in the future.

Bradley Cooper

Actor Bradley Cooper has been known to sport some premium bun-age, whether at a red carpet premiere or strolling through the streets of New York City. He famously wore the style after becoming a dad with his new baby in tow, making the dad bun just as much of a thing as the dad bod. His take on the top knot features a small bun on top with the rest of his hair flowing freely on the sides.


Written by: Mikayla Uber

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If you’re thinking about how to part your hair, consider shaping up. Don’t worry, it’s not your fitness routine we’re talking about, it’s your face shape.

While Gen-Z and Millennials take to social media to argue the relevance of the side part versus the middle part, we want to keep the peace and say both can look just as good, as long as you’re framing your face correctly. 

How did hair parts become so controversial anyway? For most people, the way you part your hair is as instinctive as your haircare routine. You’ve probably worn your hair part the same way for years, so when you change your hair part, people are likely to notice. However, if you’ve ever tried a new hair part and something simply looked off, you may have chosen the wrong style for your face shape.

Learning how to part your hair for your face shape can help accentuate your cheekbones, soften sharper angles and even elongate your face. Our hair can help frame our face shape based on texture and length but the way you part your hair also plays a key role in how flattering it is to your face.

How to determine the shape of your face:

If contouring with makeup isn’t your thing, choosing the right hair part for your face shape can yield a similarly impactful result. The best part? You aren’t going to need a bunch of new products to make any changes. If you’re unsure what your face shape is, grab some measuring tape and write down your measurements for the following:

Forehead width: Take the tape measure and hold it across your forehead, from hairline to hairline at your widest point. 

Cheekbone width: Starting at your hairline above your cheekbone, measure the distance across your face to the same spot on the other side.

Jawline Width: Start underneath your ears at the base of your jaw and measure the distance along the edge of your jaw to the middle of your chin, you can continue across or take the first number and multiply by 2.  

Face Length: Measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

  • If your cheekbones and face length have similar measurements and they are larger than your forehead and jawline, you have a round face shape.
  • If all your measurements are fairly similar, you have a square face shape.
  • If your face length is largest and all other measurements are similar in size, you have a long face shape.
  • If your face length is largest, followed by cheekbones, forehead, and smallest is jawline, you have a diamond face shape. Depending on this order, you may have a heart face shape. Consider your facial features and this will help determine which category you fit in best.

The above measurements can help you get you started, but don’t forget to consider your other facial features like the shape of your jaw, chin and cheekbones. Sometimes you’ll find yourself between two face shapes, and that’s totally normal. 

Grab your comb and get ready to take some notes, we are taking you to hair parts school 101.  Here is how to part your hair according to your face shape.

Hair Parts for Round face: Middle part or deep side part

With a round face shape, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to the middle vs. side part battle. A middle part helps to create a lengthened and symmetrical look around your face. If you’re into bangs, or willing to give them a try, curtain bangs (parted at the centre and angled down, getting longer towards your jawline), keeps the focus to the middle of your face, again creating a longer more diamond shape look. For more tips on how to style curtain bangs, we’ve got you covered.

If you have a round face and want to know how to part your hair without going down the middle, opt for a deep side part. A deep side part creates the same illusion as a middle part.

The side part is a go-to look for actress Emma Stone. Whether she goes red, blonde, or brunette, the side part truly complements her round face shape. With the side part, hair can still be styled anyway you want whether that’s a power pony, or vintage, luscious waves.

Hair Parts for Long face: Middle part with layers or fringe

With a longer face, a middle part works very well when cut with bangs. Layers or fringe also help frame and shorten the face. The bangs (no matter the style) will allow you to part your hair as you prefer. If bangs aren’t your thing a middle part still works with the use of layers, or a shaggy or fringe to help round and soften angles. If you prefer a style that’s not super layered, try a side-swept or diagonal part that’s softer, adding a bit of volume at the part. This type of hair part for long faces creates a more rounder look, shortening the forehead and chin features. 

If you have short hair and a long face, longer bangs styled to the side look fantastic, if you’re not into layers. On the other hand, if you’re not into bangs but like layers, remember the more, the better when it comes to a shorter haircut.

Hair Parts for Square face: Soft side part

Hair parts for square faces work similarly to parts for longer faces, you want to soften your angles and create a soft frame around your face. A soft side part works great for square faces to achieve a rounder look. Unlike for round-face girls, this is a true side part and doesn’t go too far on your preferred side. Fringe and lots of layers also suit square faces really well. Avoid blunt angles like sharp bangs, or sharp straight layers. A middle part should also be avoided if you don’t want to accentuate the jawline or angles.

Hair Parts for Diamond face: Side part

Diamond face shapes typically have high, defined cheekbones, chin and overall, more visible bone structure. With a defined bone structure, texture, waves and curls can help to frame the face and soften the diamond shape. Similar to the square face shape, a side part really complements this type of face shape. It’s also important to keep in mind that shorter hairstyles or medium length hair look best with the diamond shape face as very long hair may overshadow your face. 

Victoria Beckham is not just a fashion icon, but a hair style icon when it comes to the diamond face shape. The former Spice Girl truly knows her angles and pairs her hairstyles well to define her bone structure. 

The French bob hairstyle is the perfect short cut for a diamond face shape.

Hair Parts for Oval face: Any hair part!

If you have an oval face, you’ve essentially won the face shape lottery – it doesn’t matter how you part your hair, it will look good on you. If you have an oval face shape and you’ve worn your hair part the same way consistently, don’t be afraid to switch it up – trust us, it will look great. If you have curly hair and an oval face you can play with the volume of your curls and your hair part to help accentuate your face shape.

Using hair extensions helps to create natural-looking volume and will help to frame your face nicely no matter how you decide to part your hair. With an oval face, you can also pull off a variety of hairstyles, use this to your advantage to play with length and texture!

Both Shay Mitchell and Bella Hadid have oval face shapes and you can see in the variety of hair styles and hair parts they wear, that nothing ever looks out of place or off-side. We are not jealous, just in awe.

Hair Parts for Heart face shapes: Side part 

With a heart shape face, side parts work to soften the cheekbones and the chin. With a heart-shaped face, the chin and cheekbones can be more pronounced. A harsh middle part may pronounce a pointed chin and bring attention to the center of the face. However, a softer middle part with bangs or added volume can help sharpen your features. 

Soft bangs and a middle part also can work for heart shaped faces. Hair extensions offer natural volume and length that you can easily style with your side part and can help complement any style you’re trying to achieve to accentuate your heart face shape.

and most importantly…

How you part your hair should make you feel comfortable 

Our go-to hair part definitely offers comfort and familiarity. Your hair may also naturally part a certain way and you may have to finesse it a bit to change directions – that’s ok. Sometimes switching up how you part your hair can give you a whole new look with just a little effort. Don’t let your go-to hair part restrict your hairstyle possibilities.

If you need more help trying out new hair parts that suits your face shape, ask your stylist at your next appointment, or simply experiment at home. The above pointers are a great reference if you’re looking to figure out how to best part your hair for your face shape, but ultimately, when it comes down to it, hair parts really come down to personal preference. 

What’s your go-to hair part? And are you willing to try something new?

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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Sometimes your hair growing too fast can be the root of all your problems. We’ve all been there. After spending an exorbitant amount of money on a fresh coat of colour at the salon, a couple of weeks later you start to see your roots growing out at an alarming  speed. Or you may just be at the point in your life when those pesky little gray hairs are starting to sprout.

Root touch up sprays

If either of these scenarios sound familiar to you, root touch-up sprays are exactly the quick fix that you need. Root touch-up sprays are a must-have for the girl who’s dead set on putting off a visit to the salon for as long as possible. And as many of us continue to spend more time at home than ever, root-touch up sprays are an easy and inexpensive method of transforming your hair from drab to fab in the comfort of your own home.

Root touch up sprays

Say goodbye to mixing up color and developer in your at-home box dye kit or shelling out heaps of money at the hair salon and say hello to simply sectioning off your hair, queuing up your favorite shows on Netflix and reaching for your favorite root-touch up spray.

What are root touch-up sprays?

Root touch-up sprays are tinted temporary hair sprays that are applied to your roots and can last up until the next time you wash your hair. They dry in mere seconds or minutes after spraying and seamlessly melt into your roots without damaging your hair. Root touch-up sprays are a perfect way to protect your hair from excessive dying, which can cause your hair to become dry and susceptible to breakage.

How do you make a root touch-up spray last on your hair?

The best way to make a root touch-up spray last for as long as possible is to wash your hair less frequently. As we mentioned earlier, most root touch-up sprays last until your next shampoo, so we recommend dragging out your shampoo days for as long as you can. Before applying the root touch-up spray, make sure your hair is completely dry and styled to your liking. If your hair is still wet, the product will not adhere to your roots and will easily transfer.

Root touch up sprays

How should you apply the root spray to your hair?

Using a root touch-up spray for the first time can potentially be a little bit messy. Before you begin, be sure to grab a towel to wrap around your shoulders to prevent product from getting on your skin. You may also want to apply a moisturizing product like Aloe Vera or coconut oil to create a barrier to your skin to prevent any staining.

Celebrity hairstylist Christophe Robin, who has colored hair for the likes of singer Kylie Minogue and actress Kristin Scott Thomas recommends using at-home products like a toothbrush or small teasing brush to help you zero in on those hard-to-reach sections of your hair. Be sure to spray the product onto your hair ever-so conservatively to prevent your hair from becoming oversaturated. You should also exercise caution to keep the spray from getting into your eyes. We also recommend that you avoid spraying it directly onto your scalp as it may cause your scalp to become dry and flaky and produce a burning sensation. Once you’ve sprayed your hair to your liking, avoid touching the area for the amount of time specified on the root spray. To dry your roots faster, blow dry your hair on a cool setting.

Root touch up sprays

What are the best root touch up sprays?

There are plenty of root touch-up sprays to choose from for a wide range of hair colours from the lightest blonde to the darkest brown. Here are our picks for must-have root touch-up sprays.

1. L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray

L’Oreal Paris’ Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray is the perfect quick solution for hiding your gray hairs. This root touch-up spray consists of a rich shade selection including black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, light golden brown, dark blonde, light to medium blonde and red. It is composed of a fast-drying serum that dries a few seconds after an application. It is also free of harmful chemicals like ammonia and peroxide.

2. TRESemmé Root Touch-Up Spray

TRESemmé’s Root Touch-Up Spray is yet another root touch-up spray that is free of harmful chemicals like ammonia and peroxide and also artificial dyes. The spray takes one minute to dry then settles into a beautiful smudge-proof coat of color in your roots. You can purchase this shade in black, dark brown, light brown and dark blonde.

3. Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

Style Edit’s Root Concealer Touch Up Spray dries within a whopping three seconds after application. Another added bonus is that this root spray is also 100 percent cruelty free. It is also formulated to conceal thinning hair to make it look thicker and fuller. Pair this thickening root touch-up spray with a set of hair extensions for even more volume. This root spray comes in the shades black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, medium blonde, light blonde and auburn/red.

4. Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer Touch Up Spray is composed of a water and transfer-proof formula that will leave you with long-lasting coverage. Celebrity hairstylist and CEO Hazan has styled hair for A-list celebrities like Beyonce, Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson. This root spray was designed to be suitable for all hair types from straight to tightly coiled curls. It is also formulated to not damage chemically relaxed hair types. The collection is comprised of universal shades such as dark brown, light brown, dark blonde, natural blonde and red.

5. Revlon Root Erase Permanent Hair Color, At-Home Root Touchup Hair Dye

Revlon’s Root Erase Permanent Hair Color Touchup Hair Dye is the perfect at-home root-touch up spray. It was the winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award for Root Coverage in 2019. The spray comes with an applicator brush that will allow you to carefully saturate every inch of your roots. This root touch-up is designed to be sprayed and mixed into the cap then applied with the applicator brush. After applying it to your roots, it takes just five minutes to cure. This root spray also has one of the richest shade selections of them all including: black, dark brown, burgundy, dark auburn/reddish brown, medium brown, medium ash brown, medium golden brown, medium auburn, light brown, light golden brown, dark blonde, medium blonde and light blonde. 

Root touch up sprays

6. dpHUE Color Touch-Up Spray

dpHUE’s Color Touch-Up Spray has a dual-action nozzle which allows for two different spray settings so you have complete control over exactly where the spray lands on your roots. This vegan cruelty-free root touch-up spray is also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, and silicone. This lightweight formula is perfect for those who have damaged hair. Shades range from black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, medium blonde, copper and auburn.

7. Salon in a Bottle Root Touch up Hair Spray

Salon in a Bottle’s Root Touch up Hair Spray has a unique pinpoint applicator in the left side of the bottle to allow for a precise and effortless application. It is formulated with natural minerals and Vitamin E, Chamomile and Green Tea Extracts that are built to keep your hair soft and smooth. It also has a compact design that you can easily fit into your purse. The shade selection includes: brown-black, medium/dark brown, light brown, dark blonde, natural blonde and red/auburn.

Root touch up sprays

8. Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer

Joico’s Tint Shot Root Concealer is formulated to soothe and cool your scalp while replenishing your colour. One of its major ingredients is Willow Bark Extract which provides the cooling, relaxing sensation. It is humidity resistant and also creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. You can purchase this root spray in the shades black, dark brown, light brown and blonde.

9. TEMPTU Airbrush Root Touch Up & Temporary Hair Color

TEMPTU’s Airbrush Root Touch Up & Temporary Hair Color leaves your roots looking polished and perfected. We are also obsessed with the futuristic, state of the art packaging of this root spray. It’s formulated with Pro-Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E which adds an extra dose of vibrancy to your hair. It’s also free of harmful ingredients such as talc and sulfates. It has a diverse warm, neutral and cool shade range including: ash blonde, ash brown, chestnut brown, golden blonde, light brown, medium brown, platinum blonde and sandy brown.

10. Clairol Root Touch-Up Spray

Clairol’s Root Touch-Up Spray is yet another quick fix solution for the girl on the go. Its water-resistant formula makes it safe for swimming and rainy weather days. This is also yet another root-spray that is travel-sized and fits snugly in your purse. While the shade range is a little more limited, the shades are nuanced enough that they blend in with most natural hair tones. These shades include: black, dark to medium brown, light brown, dark to medium blonde and red.

Root touch up sprays

11. Everpro Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer

Everpro’s Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer is designed specifically to get rid of patchy gray hairs. It is formulated with a colour technology that is meant to adjust to any hair color. Its formula is also ammonia-free, peroxide-free and paraben-free.

12. AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up

AGEbeautiful’s Root Touch-Up water, sweat and rain-resistant formula will have your hair looking freshly coloured for several days at a time. There are a total of 11 shades to choose from, making it the second-most multifaceted root spray of all of our picks. You can purchase it in: black, darkest brown, medium brown, medium ash brown, light brown, light golden brown, dark blonde, medium blonde, light blonde, dark red brown and light intense red.

Written By: Ashley Inkumsah

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Balayage, ombre, babylights – with all the different types of highlights out there, it’s hard to keep track of which is which. But if you have fine hair or thinning hair, babylights are definitely a highlighting technique you’ll want to take note of. Why? Well, we’ll give you a little hint: they can actually make your hair look fuller. Keep reading to learn all about babylights. 

What Are Babylights?

Babylights are very delicate, subtle highlights meant to mimic the look of natural hair when exposed to the sun. They basically look like the highlights you got in the summer as a kid from playing outside, hence the name “babylights”.

Babylights may be subtle, but they can make a big impact. Babylights create subtle dimension in your hair color, which is great news for anyone with fine or thinning hair. And since they mimic the look of a child’s hair, they can also make your hair look younger to boot. 

Stylist Drying Girl's Hair With babylights andHair Dryer In Beauty Salon Viviscal Blog

What’s the Difference Between Babylights and Balayage?

Babylights and balayage are both subtle highlighting techniques, but that’s where their similarities end. Balayage involves painting highlights onto large sections of hair. 

On the other hand, the babylight technique uses foils like traditional highlights. This creates a separation between the babylights and base color, which is what gives your hair that coveted dimension. However, babylights use a much smaller amount of hair than traditional highlights. This is why babylights are so much more subtle and natural-looking. 

Who Should Get Babylights?

Babylights are an excellent choice for anyone who wants natural-looking highlights. They’re also perfect for women with fine or thinning hair, since they create dimension that makes hair look thicker and fuller. 

And babylights aren’t just for blondes! This highlighting technique works with all hair colors. Whether you have blonde hair or black hair or a shade in between, babylights can add natural sun-kissed beauty to your hair. 

Taking Care of Babylights

Another benefit of babylights is that they’re very low-maintenance. Since the highlights are so fine, there is no heavy line of demarcation as your roots grow out. Expect to visit your hairstylist every 8 to 12 weeks for touch-ups. Woman getting hair shampooed at salon Viviscal Blog

But babylights still have some maintenance. Follow these tips to keep your babylights beautiful and your hair healthy:

  1. Use the Right Shampoo & Conditioner

Babylights still use bleach to lighten your hair color, which can dry out your hair. So make sure that you use a shampoo and conditioner that prevent dryness like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo gently cleanses and lightly conditions fine hair with hair-loving nutrients like biotin and zinc for naturally thicker looking hair. 

  1. Try a Toner

If your highlights are a cool or neutral shade (ask your stylist if you’re not sure), you’ll also want to work a toning shampoo into your routine. Toning shampoos are formulated with purple pigments that neutralize unwanted brassiness. 

You don’t need to use a toning shampoo every time you wash your hair. But toning shampoo is helpful to have on deck any time you notice that your babylights are turning too brassy. 

  1. Try Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements

Of course, the best way to maintain healthy hair after highlights is to make sure that you are nourishing your hair from within. Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements are formulated with AminoMarTM plus key vitamins and minerals scientifically proven to promote existing hair growth*. In clinical studies, women with fine or thinning hair achieved thicker, fuller looking hair in three to six months. Combining babylights with Viviscal could be a solution for hair that looks thicker and fuller! 

Would you ever try babylights? Why or why not? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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